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Nail Art (Design 11)

Hi Girls, since I have just started reading “Linda Goodman’s relationship signs”, I got super-impressed with Planetary and cosmic charms. So, I decided to do a planet-influenced nail art design. 🙂 For this, you need to have a blue colored nail-paint, (I used sky-blue kinda cool and summery color),...
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Gone with the wind- Astrological view

This has been one of the all time favorite books of mine. I soooo love the character of Scarlett O’ Hara. This has been classically acknowledged as one of the most amazing portrayal of a woman’s mind. Those of you, who have read this book, can understand what...
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What stars have to say about you in 2011?

All of us are pretty excited for the New Year and also some of us would be little apprehensive about what the stars have in store for us this year. Right? So do you wanna know details on 2011 horoscope? You can have it here. Let’s have a...
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