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Blue Obsession…


Hi Lovelies, staying good to my words, I am back with another fun-post. This time I just wanna rave about how obsessed I am with blue color these days (well to be more precise- ROYAL BLUE color). 😉

I am getting nuts after this beautilicious color. And well to be honest I am quite liking all shades and hues of this color, in all formats too. Let’s have a look at some fabulous pieces in this heavenly color and you will get an idea about how much I am lusting for this color.

                                        Blue Nails


                                     Blue Eyes


And yes I know it is going little over the board.. but ahhh how I absolutely *heart* these blue lips.. *sigh*

                                    Blue Lips

                                  Blue Footwears

                                                Blue bags

                                    Blue Dresses

                                    Blue Accessories

Aren’t they wonderful? I am getting crazy after them and now I can officially say that I am getting blue! 😉 So, what is your latest obsession ladies? Well on a side note, I am planning to change outlook of my blog.. don’t you think it would look super cool in BLUE??? 😉

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