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Cadbury Gems inspired Nail Art (Design 29)

This nail art design is highly inspired from my childhood favorite Cadbury Gems. 🙂 I have always been a fan of all colors. I love everything colorful and bright around me. Earlier I used to hate grey and brown color a lot. But as I am getting older, I have started appreciating their subtleness too. This current nail art is a mixture of both the worlds. It is fun, colorful, bright and playful at one hand, but then I have tried not to go overboard with play of colors and just used three colors in this design.

I have painted all my nails in Pink color and then made few dots of black and white color on all nails. I have kept white dots bigger and black ones smaller. Then, just added top coat and Ta-Da! Done!!

Quite simple and girly design. So, what kind of colors you prefer more on your nails? Leave comments below and you can post me on my Facebook wall here. 🙂

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