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Craving for Cup Cakes (Nail Art Design 26)

Hi Dolls, I am back with new nail art design which is inspired from cup cakes as well as colored Cadbury gems. I have just painted all my nails with pink colored nail paint and then made small little dots/gems on all nails (except middle finger) by using different colored nail paints and a dotting tool. After that I made icing of the cup cake on middle finger by using a white nail paint. Basically I just put some big white dots on the tip of my nail and made it look like icing, and then drew some lines downward to make it appear drooling over the cake. After that I added a cherry on top of that by making a big red dot. And then I made red lines in between the white lines. Lastly, just added a top coat to seal all that in and Ta-Da it is done! Hope you liked this sweet sugary design. 😀

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