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How to make “Tinted Moisturizer” at home


Hi girls, today I am gonna share an easy way of making tinted moisturizer at home. It is really quick, very easy to do, and quite useful especially if you are on budget. 😉 I know there are a lot of people like me, who don’t like wearing foundation on daily basis, but still sometimes feel the need of having more clear skins and some healthy glow on their faces. So for all of them, this technique is uber-cool and a must-try.


An empty jar (any old cream bottle would work just fine for that).

A foundation of your choice (I took Maybelline wonder finish foundation for that).

A good moisturizer (I used Nivea soft moisturizing cream).

A sun screen lotion (This is optional. I added Biotique sunscreen, as I really hate that one and just wanted to finish it off as soon as possible. The advantage of adding a sunscreen lotion would be that SPF properties would also be added through that).

Now this next ingredient is completely OPTIONAL. I added Garnier’s under eye gel for contouring, as it was really useless for my dark circles. I was about to throw it away, then suddenly saw that it contains aloe vera; so thought to have a better use of it. 😉


PROCEDURE: Now, you need to take the empty jar and pour very little amounts of each product in it. I took round about one tea spoon of each product. Then, mix everything nicely by using the backside of a spoon or any makeup brush. You can increase or decrease the quantity of foundation as per your personal taste like if you need a very sheer coverage, add very little amount. And if you want some heavy coverage, add a little bit of more foundation into it.

That’s it! Your tinted moisturizer is ready, which can be used for daily wear. Now, you don’t need to rush to market to buy any new products for this. Just check out whatever is available in your vanity and you can make moderations accordingly. Generally every girl would be having atleast one foundation and a moisturizer with her. So you can just mix them both and get your own version. I made mine few days back and so far I am totally loving it. So girls, you too have a try at it and tell me how did it turn out.  😀

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2 thoughts on “How to make “Tinted Moisturizer” at home

  1. Anamika says:

    ohh this is the one u were talking about 🙂

    tell me one thing wasn’t this foundation little less ..as i find it giving less coverage??

    1. shruti says:

      O yes, i ws talking abt this one only. 🙂 hmmm yep u r right abt coverage thing. bt so far this have been the best foundation i hv ever used. may be i ws never able to get a perfect match for my skin tone prior to this foundation. 🙂 bt i hv been using it frm more than 6-7 months n still it s nt finished. bt then again i wear makeup very rarely! 😀

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