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Myntra.com (worst kind of online shopping experience)

Hi girls, I am so pissed off by the way few online shopping websites operate in India. I just started using them last year, but in my experience so far Flipkart.com is definitely the best out of them. I mean I have bought quite a lot of stuff from their site ranging from cheap books to expensive gadgets. And they have never ceased to impress me with their wonderful customer support, fast delivery and awesome quality check.

In past I have had a really bad experience with dealsandyou.com and the guys working over there for customer care are so worthless that I finally had to end my call by saying F**K off. Well, I guess even Myntra.com is no exception in this case.

Last month on 24th, I ordered one trousers and handbag from their site. I got my order delivered to me by 28th evening.

Actual price of the products was 1500/- and 750/- respectively. But I used spring coupon code and got 15% discount on both the items. Well when I finally opened the package, I found that trouser is ok, but the handbag is defective.

The handbag is worn off from the left side.

I was really disappointed to see that, because I was waiting very eagerly for it to arrive, as these days I am getting obsessed with chain handbags. And I was just so excited to try it out. But, when I saw its condition, I was left with nothing but to wait for few more days to get it exchanged.

Well, now the most pathetic part starts from here. I called on the number given on their ‘Returns’ form. And to my astonishment, number was out of service. So, I had to call their customer care number and there the girl whom I talked to, had no idea at all about handling returns things and policies. She just asked me to write a mail to returns@myntra.com and asked me to attach some pics of the product in the mail. So, I did that and waited…….

But, huh…. no reply from them. So, after some more days, I sent them another mail on support@myntra.com, and again waited…….

But, Oh My Gosh.. these guys are even slower than a snail.. again I got no reply. So, I had to call them again, and luckily this time number given on their form was in working condition. So, I explained the situation to them and you can’t even imagine what was their reply.. they told me that they had not even checked my mail due to some bloody technical error. Anyway the girl over there asked me to wait for some more days and she said that she will get back to me within 72 hours. And it’s now 12th of April today. And still I have got no message, mail or call from those guys.

I honestly think that their customer care support stinks like hell and the worst thing about this website is that they have absolutely no quality control.

BTW if you wonder that whether it was my first shopping experience with them, noooooo man. Few months back, I bought some casual shoes from catwalk on Myntra and that time too, there was a little black spot on one of the shoes, but I just let it go thinking that in any case my shoes are gonna get dirty, so why to bother about one black spot.

But, now this time, I am so bloody pissed off by the way their returns policy works. You know, getting a defective product is still ok, if you know that somehow you can get it replaced in one week or two weeks. But, these guys are just pathetically lazy and irresponsible. I have sworn off never to buy even a pin from their site. In my mind, this is officially the worst shopping website ever (of course dealsandyou.com is a close second).

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5 thoughts on “Myntra.com (worst kind of online shopping experience)

  1. Mohak says:

    so what happened finally ? have they replaced it yet or they did not agree to..i personally have been shopping at Myntra and just bought a pair of shoes, but after reading your reviews am worried now…

    1. shruti says:

      Yes Mohak, in my opinion their returns policy is the total deal breaker. They did take my product back and returned the concerned amount to my myntra account. But that was not what I asked them for, I specifically asked them to exchange the product and not to refund the amount. But I guess they don’t have that much sense to understand what the customer is demanding. Anyway you can check this blog post (here) where I have mentioned what happened afterwards. 🙂

  2. bharat says:

    I guess MYNTRA is another scam they never stand on what they promise to customers bad customer support i wonder how they were able to cheat so many customers and showing of their revenues as 500 crores i suggest Flip kart is the Best 100 times or even 1000 Times …………

    1. shruti says:

      Yes Bharat, I agree. Flipkart is the best one in my opinion too. So far have never had any bad product or service from them. It’s just that they don’t give any discount upon their products apart from books. But otherwise, they are pretty good. 🙂

  3. sandeep says:

    yes their exchange policy is totally worst. flipkart is far more better than them.

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