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Since these days, it has become a trend to read some product’s review before buying it, I thought to add this page on my site too. 🙂 Initially I never felt the need of adding such page here, but then because of changing trends (and also because lately I have been shopping for beauty products like a maniac), I thought it to be a really viable and useful feature for my site.

Here, you will find reviews of various products . They are not necessarily bound to be beauty cosmetics only. I would try to review other every day essentials too.

To find a review of any product, click here Product Review

Disclaimer: All the products reviwed here are bought by me. And in case, they would be sent by some PR of any company, I would make sure to notify you guys about it. So, don’t worry, since all products are purchased by my own hard earned money, I would make sure to write honest opinions about them. 🙂

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