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Skyfall Fever!!!


Hey Everyone! I hope all Bond fans have already watched the movie and I am sure all of you are liking the Adele Song. As far I am concerned, I have just killed the Replay button. 😀

Well to be honest, the movie was kind of okayish IMO. But I loved this song plus that Skyfall mansion shown in there.

Well coming back to song, I have always loved Adele’s rolling in the deep and in fact that is one of my all time favorites. You know the kind of song you always tune into after having a row with your hubby. 😉

This year, I guess this skyfall soundtrack has been one of the most amazing and catchy songs apart from Gangnam style. I know, they both are class apart. But, I am liking both of them equally. I just switch between both of them as per my mood. 🙂

Well, those of you who already don’t know.. Psy is coming to India to perform at the opening ceremony of IBL (Indian Badminton League) in January 2013. 😉 Till then, enjoy!





P.S. Gonna do little bit of updation. 😉

I loved Shanghai too. Wow.. it has never looked sooo se*y and glamorous to me before Skyfall happened.

Can anyone please sponsor my trip to this gorgeous place. I am especially intrigued and mesmerized by those lights and glass all around. 🙂

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