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Get Angelic (Nail Art Design 14)

            Hi friends, how you all doing? So it’s official now that I am getting through a new obsessive phase these days… and now this time, the object for my fascination is evrything natural, heavenly, or celestial. I guess that tragedy with Japan made me realize the power of...
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Nail Art (Design 13)

             Hi sweeties, how’s everything going? You must have come to know about this by now that I am super-busy these days with my thesis work. So, for the whole day I am lost in either books, journals, research papers, studies or internet search engines; and I have long since lost...
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Incredible India

I know there are still few days left for Republic day, but what to do? I am getting really patriotic and so I am just not able to stop raving about my great and beloved homeland. I am a true Indian by heart, including my love for bright...
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