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Night Princess (Nail Art Design 17)

               Hi Friends, few days back iconic beauty Elizabeth Taylor passed away. She was one of my most favorite Hollywood actresses and I loved her movie CLEOPATRA like anything. For me, she was the only girl in this whole world who could have done justice to the role of...
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Fragrances which I love!

Before start raving about my favorite fragrances, I must clear one thing to all of you that I am not highly receptive to olfactory sense. I hate overly feminine and weak fragrances. In fact my threshold to even detect a fragrance around me is quite high in comparison...
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Envy with Green

Hi friends, you must remember my NOT-SO-EXCITING experience with Freshlook color blends in Amethyst color. Those of you, who have not read that post, let me tell you that I wear specs/contacts because of my poor eyesight. 🙁 Until last year, I never experimented with any colored contacts....
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