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Product Review: L’oreal Pearl Perfect Facial Foam

           Yesterday when I reviwed about Asta Berry face wash, I sooo missed my beloved L’oreal face wash. So, I decided to review about that today. I love this face wash so much that may be its the only face cleanser after Pears’ face wash, which made me buy...
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Fragrances which I love!

Before start raving about my favorite fragrances, I must clear one thing to all of you that I am not highly receptive to olfactory sense. I hate overly feminine and weak fragrances. In fact my threshold to even detect a fragrance around me is quite high in comparison...
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The Best Lip-Balm/Cream

As winters are approaching, also comes the moments of dry, chapped and cracked lips. I know most of us would be trying to treat them either with home-remedies, covering with lip-gloss or by using lip-balms readily available at the drug stores. I also did the same thing year...
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