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Oh my my… the girl is truly GORGEOUS!!!

Isn’t she the most beautiful and amazing girl ever happened to Bollywood?? I am literally drooling over her FAB skin and the way she is wearing that Masaba Sari and especially the pose… ahhhh God, I just wish to be Kareena for one day… *sigh* *¬†kneeled¬†down with folded...
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What’s on my mind: People stuffed tightly into brick buildings, thinking they are doing the most important task of the world, where in fact they are just wasting their times, energies, resources and what not. All these thoughts just leave me wondering that what is the actual need...
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My Relation with God

Thunder of clouds, splash of rain water on my face, lightening in the sky; all makes me feel so good. After all, I am a monsoon-born. So, I ought to love rain. Every year on my birthday, I ask God that if he truly loves me and cares...
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