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The Power of Silence

Do you believe that silence is power? Well to tell you frankly, even I have never been in much agreement with this statement; as I usually believe in speaking my mind out. In fact sometimes I feel that I do have a habit of thinking loudly too. 😉...
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Cheap and best skin care product

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having fun in this cold weather. I have extended my leave for few more days, because getting up early daily and going to work is like a big nightmare in this utterly harsh weather. Few days back, the skin of my hands...
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The Best Eye-care Cream

A lot of people do suffer from various eye related problems like dark circles, sleepy eyes, baggy eyes or puffy eyes etc. And I surely like hell can bet upon this thing that most of us just end up with utter dissatisfaction even after spending loads of bucks...
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