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Dove ‘Go Fresh’ Face Wash (Oily skin care)

Hi girls, I was searching for some good face wash from past few days as I got REALLY bored from using Kaya’s face cleanser. I had been using that one from past so many months that I was literally yearning to try something new on my face. Well,...
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Sunset Nail-art (Design 16)

          Hi Girls, How have you all been? Yes yes I know that I should have been studying rather than spending my time here on blogging and nail-art designing. But, I take this whole nail-art stuff as my big stress buster. 🙂 So, obviously when someone is neck...
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Color of 2011

New Year has arrived and along with that begins the brand new era of fashion trends to follow in the next twelve months. Last year, purple and blue rocked everything from the red carpet, to parties, to award shows, to TV programs… and of course our very own...
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