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The Motivation!!!

Hi girls, I am back after such a long time. Well I have become a Doctor now. I have successfully cracked my viva for PhD. and finally I can call myself Dr. Shruti Chauhan. Well technically, I will be one when I will be awarded with my Degree (which would be happening in next convocation that is scheduled in Decemeber this year). 🙂 So, these days I am just A BIG GRIN all day long. 😀

Well, I was having no motivation left in me to come back to this forum and start doing all this girlish stuff again. But then today, I just came across this image on Facebook, and here I am again, with all my guns out and ready. 😀

Hope you all had great time these past two months. I am keen to hear about your tales. So anyone who is still coming back to this place to check whether I am alive or dead.. I will wait for your mail. 😀 And about me, well in past few months, all I have done is.. shopping.. shopping and more shopping. I guess now I can officially write my own “confessions of a shopaholic”. *wink* *wink*

On a more serious note, I have realized that shopping is also a very enlightening experience and I have come across great insights about me. (Well, I guess not-that-much-great, as they all are more or less related with my shopping preferences only.. hahhahahah). But I guess, still that is very enlightening and interesting. 😉

Ok, I will wait for your updates guys and I am thinking about changing the look of my website.. any ideas or suggestions??

C ya guys and stay tuned because I am definitely very much motivated now to make this site more fun oriented. 🙂

Have fun everyone!

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2 thoughts on “The Motivation!!!

  1. devika says:

    big big congrats doc,really proud of u nw its the time to party n rock fr smetime enough of psychology..time to rock n roll with ur new upcmg fashionistaa ideasss..n yeah jst loved anamika’s gown,good idea fr sumanyu’s first b’day,hope to see more of thm..need sme more designss:)

    1. shruti says:

      @Devika: Thanks dear.. 😀 And yes I have talked to Shelly about that boutique in jalandhar. Will mail you its details in case you are still interested. And well me too waiting for Sumanyu’s b’day to chck out ur lovely pics.. m sure you gonna rock ur fusion look over there. 🙂

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