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Celebrities’ Secrets Revealed For Daily Beauty Routines

May 12, 2020

We all wonder what tricks it takes to allow celebrities perfect their look. In this aesthetic-focused age, it is very important to let people realize that what they consider aesthetically pleasing is directly related to their skin health. Beauty is no longer a secret. Here we have compiled some of the celebrity beauty tips that you will definitely want to know and follow in your daily routine.

1.    Use healthy food in your daily routine:

The first thing most celebrities will point out is that they follow a balanced diet plan as part of their beauty routine. Do you know that the food we eat has a significant effect on our skin? That’s why you should keep an eye on what you are putting on your plate. Eat green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, beans and fish for sufficient vitamins and proteins. A diet rich in vitamins (A, C, E) and low in fats and sugar nurtures radiant skin.

Don’t eat too much spicy and fermented food, or excessive amounts of salt, artificial sweetener, and processed and fried foods. Stop consuming any food that you think may increase your skin problems.

2.    Exfoliate your skin:

Why Is Exfoliation so important? Exfoliation is the removal of surface-level dry, dead skin cells. It is the most recommended technique by many celebrity beauticians that you can perform on your skin to achieve healthy and glowing skin and to fix certain skin problems. Exfoliation is useful for the treatment of dry skin, dark marks, clogged pores, and hyperpigmentation.

When the skin is blemished and dry, don’t load up on heavier creams to compensate for the dryness. Dry skin means you have dry skin cells accumulating. The more you layer on the heavier creams; the more you try to re-hydrate dead skin cells, which make no sense!

3.    Heal skin; Drink more Water:

Drink plenty of water daily, at least 8 glasses. It removes toxins and unwanted substances from your body, making your skin glow. It helps to get rid of dark circle under your eyes, too.

Don’t ignore rose water. It helps to avoid and reduce eye puffiness, maintains pH balance and naturally hydrates your skin if you spray it on during the day.

4.    Do not forget to remove your makeup:

Always remove your makeup before going to sleep at night. Why? Because the skin requires breathing overnight and makeup prevents this activity. Leaving makeup on your skin overnight clogs the pores, which may cause blackheads.

Don’t use different makeup removers available in the market. Put a few drops of olive oil on a cotton pad and gently massage it onto your face to get rid of the makeup and dirt. It will brighten your skin and is much healthier for you.

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5.    Look Younger; Use standard anti-aging creams:

Why do the skin professionals suggest anti-wrinkle or anti-aging creams? It’s because skin begins to wrinkle over time. The use of any suitable anti-aging cream eliminates the chances of wrinkles at an early age and may help to remove wrinkles at the later stages. Recently reported Akebia quinata fruit extract (AQFE) possess anti-oxidants that shield human dermal fibroblasts by retarding cellular aging as a result of oxidative stress.

The best wrinkle cream should contain five ingredients: Vitamin A derivatives (removes fine lines around eyes), hydroquinone (for sunspots & blotches), sunscreen (prevents premature wrinkles), antioxidants (prevents aging & even skin cancer) and alpha hydroxyl acids (allow anti-aging agents to absorb faster). Don’t use any product without a prescription you’re your dermatologist.

6.    Sweat It Out!

Almost all celebs exercise regularly, including activities like running, jogging, yoga, etc. If you aren’t willing to do that much exercise, then brisk walking for an hour can serve the same purpose. It increases sweating, which in turn accelerates blood circulation and the cleansing process of your whole body. You will observe a glow on your face after your daily workout.

Do not forget to take a bath or shower after exercising. It will help removing toxic substances that are released through sweat.

7.    Get enough sleep

Try to sleep at least 8-9 hours every night. Your skin looks dulled and tired if you don’t get enough sleep. Wrinkled or puffy eyes are usually due to a lack of sleep. Skin makes new collagen muscles as you sleep at night. Sleep deprivation makes your skin lifeless and dry, so don’t risk it.

8.    Hydrate your skin:

Consider skin’s surface as the paint on a car. If the paint is damaged or cracked, the metal underneath is left unprotected and quickly rusts. The same concept goes for your outer skin. If it is damaged, inner skin cells will be exposed to sunlight and other substances. It will, then, become dehydrated and rough.

Moisturizers can be used to protect the skin from becoming too dry or oily by hydrating your skin and keeping it moist. Good moisturizers often have lightweight oils or silicone-derived ingredients. Researchers have confirmed that there is a clear improvement of hydration after applying the moisturizer.

9.      Adopt healthy habits:

Take out some time for yourself in your daily hectic routine, and try to avoid stress as much as possible. Stress causes your body to produce hormones that will make your skin oily. Practice stress management approaches like breathing exercises, meditation and yoga.

Don’t neglect your facial muscles. Perform a few facial exercises in a routine to keep these muscles active.


Skin is the outer protective layer and one of the most sensitive organs of your body. In order to look fresh and keep skin healthy, you must take good care of it on a daily basis.  Visit a dermatologist as soon as possible if you notice any problems with your skin.


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