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Color of 2011

December 1, 2019

New Year has arrived and along with that begins the brand new era of fashion trends to follow in the next twelve months. Last year, purple and blue rocked everything from the red carpet, to parties, to award shows, to TV programs… and of course our very own modest wardrobes too. 😉 So, what is the color of this New Year?

Fashion and makeup experts say that this year is all about ‘Orange’. Most of them are raving about it constantly on their websites and channels; saying that Orange, peach and coral are the new MUST HAVES in anybody’s wardrobe this year.

So chances are that you will not only see this in high-end designer apparels, but also in makeup, jewelry, fashion accessories, foot wears, mobile phones, handbags, billboards, fashion magazines and all other kinda advertisements too.






The best thing about Orange color is that it suits all skin tones and types. So from a deadly pale girl to a dusky complexioned one; all can have a pick of their own choice ranging from peachy coral to bright orange.




Nail Polishes




So girls, if you are planning to buy new outfit, blush, nail polish, footwear or any other accessory; don’t forget to go O-R-A-N-G-E! And guess what??? That’s my favorite color, so I m sooooo damn happy about it. As otherwise whenever I turn up in anything orange, all of my friends exclaim together Govinda-obsessive phase again!!! 😀

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