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FREE 200 Fat-Burning Keto Recipes CookBooks

FREE 200 Fat-Burning Keto Recipes CookBooks

August 17, 2020

Keto diet has become extremely popular among those who wish to lose excess body fat. It is also popular among those who want to improve upon their health and overall energy levels. Despite this popularity, large numbers of men and women stay away from Keto diet thinking it is complicated or because they are afraid they will have to miss their favorite carbohydrates packed dishes. Check here FREE KETO BOOKS

Not anymore!

We have prepared 200 Keto recipes for individuals like you that are not only easy to cook but also yummy to taste. Now you do not have this excuse of not starting on a Keto diet because of having to miss out on your favorite dishes.

We have created Simply Tasty Ketogenic cookbook that is actually two cookbooks combined into one.

What you get with free cook book #1 titled Simply Tasty Ketogenic

22 Breathtaking breakfast recipes

Give a kick start to your mornings with these 22 wonderful recipes that are easy to prepare and strictly following Ketogenic diet. All these recipes are tasty and full of energy such as egg bake with avocado, Keto sandwich, asparagus frittata, and many more.

22 awesome lunch recipes

No matter how hungry you are, our Keto lunch recipes will bring full satisfaction to you. These delicious recipes include roasted pork loin, spicy quesadillas, crunchy chicken thighs, Mongolian beef, and Keto burgers.

23 Super salads and soups

Soups and salads are not only great appetizers but also necessary when starting on a Keto diet. We have some wonderful soups and salads lined up for you to easily follow your Keto diet such as taco salad, waldorf salad, Italian sausage soup, salmon salad, and cheddar soup to make your meals tasty and fulfilling.

10 alluring appetizer recipes

These appetizer recipes will help in controlling cravings for unhealthy snacks and increase the taste of the main course. They include zucchini fries, guacamole, pepperoni chips, and cauliflower bites.

22 dazzling dinner recipes

We have created special Keto dinner recipes that are not just mouthwatering but also fat burning. You will fall in love with our chicken korma, lemon salmon, instant chicken curry, grilled steak, and chicken hash.

10 sizzling stew recipes

Sip on a hot stew on a cold evening to satisfy your taste buds and your hunger. We have some delicious stews including chicken stew, beef stew, lamb stew, and pork stew that are low on carb and high on taste. 

19 recipes of side dishes

Side dishes assume great significance when you want something extra form your lunch or dinner. We have included some interesting side dish recipes like cauliflower rice, green bean fries, zucchini cheese bake, and veggie ratatouille to add some spice to your Keto diet.

12 single pot meals

If you are feeling tired, we have some interesting crock pot Keto recipes for you that you can make easily by tossing up a few ingredients inside the pot. These recipes are real time savers and also very delicious to lift your spirits. These meals include buffalo chicken, shredded beef, spinach mushroom, and Mediterranean chicken.

10 sweet and dessert recipes

Who says you have to deprive yourself of your favorite desserts when starting on a Keto diet? This cookbook contains 10 yummy dessert recipes without carbs to allow you to satisfy your urge for sugar without any guilt. You will simply fall in love with chocolate cookies made from peanut butter and soft and creamy cupcakes we have included in this cook book. FREE Keto Ebooks from AMAZON

What you get with free keto cook book #2 titled InstKeto

This cook book contains yummy recipes that you can cook quickly in a pressure cooker or an instant pot. There are in total 50 Keto dishes in this book to help you stay on track when taking this 28 day challenge. This is what you will get inside this cook book

How to use instant pot for cooking

You will learn all about instant pot and how to prepare delicious keto recipes inside it if it is for the first time that you are making use of this utensil.

10 breakfast dishes

You will learn 10 delicious breakfast recipes to make sure you do not have a boring time in the mornings. These include cheese broccoli ham, nut and zucchini bread, spinach and feta frittata, and more.

10 meat recipes

For non vegetarians, there are 10 wonderful meat recipes culled from various cuisines. For example, you will get cabbage rolls, beef stew, green beans with single pot chicken, steak and Salsa, and Mediterranean meatloaf.

10 yummy seafood and fish recipes

You will fall in love with our especially prepared seafood keto recipes that include shrimp curry laced with coconut and cilantro, salmon made in lime and ginger, and paprika shrimp smoked with garlic.

9 mouthwatering side dishes

For times when you are very hungry or want something more than the main course, we have put together 9 interesting side dish keto recipes. These dishes include bacon crumble with pearled cabbage, mashed cauliflower with sour cream, and Brussels sprouts with pecans. They will ensure you do not munch on unhealthy snacks.

11 sizzling soups

We have some delicious soup recipes to serve as appetizers and fat burners. These include creamy tomato basil soup, bacon chicken leek soup, chicken vegetable soup, zucchini soup with ground beef, and more.

This is a fantastic cook book for all those starting on a Keto diet to lose weight and burn fat in a fast and easy manner without hitting the gym. A keto diet made up of recipes from this cook book ensures that your body starts to burn fat rather than carbs and proteins. Your body will not return to the mode where it burns carbs and proteins for energy.

The reason behind introducing these cookbooks

People going on a Keto diet are always on the lookout for easy to cook delicious Keto recipes to stay on track when taking our 28 day Keto challenge. Our Keto recipes are not only easy to prepare but also taste wonderful.

If this sounds interesting, order our Keto diet and get these 2 cookbooks absolutely free today to start on your journey to a slimmer and lighter body. You will get to eat delicious recipes that are very low on carbs. They are designed to improve your health and energy levels while forcing your body to burn fat for energy.

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