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KETO DIET Over 40 + Basics of 28 Day Keto Diet Challenge

KETO DIET Over 40 + Basics of 28 Day Keto Diet Challenge

November 13, 2020

What is the Keto Diet ?

The ketogenic diet is a diet that is very low on carbs, high on fats, and moderate on proteins. There have been dozens of studies over the Keto diet with the majority of them saying this diet is good for health, for burning fat more efficiently, and to improve general energy levels

The massive reduction in carbohydrates in a Keto diet places the body of the individual in a state called Ketosis. It is a metabolic state where the individual has increased levels of ketones in his blood or urine. These ketones provide an additional source of energy for the use of the brain and the body. 

Keto diet has a razor thin dividing line between success and failure

A Keto diet is tried by lots of individuals. But out of these only those who follow the diet guidelines strictly are successful. Individuals not having a daily diet plan vital for the success of the Keto diet fail miserably. 

If you are on a Keto diet, you know what to eat and what to avoid at all costs. But if you do not have a daily diet plan consisting of Keto recipes, you can easily fall prey to pressure from peers and the allure of tasty items sold in the market. 

Keto Diet Basics to Keto Supplements Guide

28 day Keto Diet Challenge VIDEO is a program that has been created by experts to help those who want to lose weight and improve their health through the Keto diet. It consists of 10 guides meant to inspire and motivate beginners

  1. ‘Keto diet basics’ gives all important info about the Keto diet
  2. Eating on Keto contains delicious Keto recipes and a 28-day meal planner
  3. Staying on Ketosis tells you how to achieve this state in just 3 days
  4. Mastering macros tells you all about micronutrients and how to keep them balanced to attain Ketosis
  5. Beating Keto flu gives info about Keto flu and how to keep it at bay
  6. Intermittent fasting tells you 5 different ways of this kind of fasting to achieve faster fat loss and to attain ketosis
  7. Social situations tell you how to deal with peer pressure and what to eat and drink when you are out with friends
  8. Guilt-free desserts contain yummy desserts to satisfy your cravings for sugar yet maintain ketosis
  9. Yummy avocado recipes give 5 ways to prepare Keto-friendly avocado recipes
  10. Keto supplements guide 12 best supplements to stay in Ketosis

What is about the 28 Day Keto Challenge?

28 Day Keto Challenge is a Keto diet plan that is created for success. It will help you lose weight, have increased energy levels, and improve your overall health. You will experience better sleep cycles, clarity of mind, and your hair and skin becoming healthier. 

28 Day Keto Diet Challenge gives a full refund of your money if you are not fully satisfied with the results after 60 days. It is therefore a challenge that is totally risk-free as you will get back your money. 

Warning about Keto Diet

28 Day Keto Diet Challenge is not just a diet plan but a lifestyle change that will change you, your health, and even your wardrobe. However, do not buy this plan if you cannot follow the diet plan. 

Keto Diet Video by Doctor Mike Ketogenic Review

Video Breakdown:
Nutrition Basics
How it Works
Keto Claims
Potential Harms
Final Thoughts

KETO Diet Over 40: Solve Health Fat issues!

Turning 40 is a big milestone in your life. You probably do not feel the change but your body does. It’s not that you become old overnight but there are changes inside the body that you should be prepared to accept and change your lifestyle accordingly.

Hormonal changes– Disturb sleep cycle and decrease desire for sex

Metabolic changes– Cause tiredness and weight gain

Digestive changes– increase food sensitivities and lead to poor digestion

If you are wondering what you can do to counter all these changes, Keto diet is the answer for you. Here is how it makes all the difference. Doctors and nutritionists around the world are recommending this diet for health conscious individuals.

  • It helps in shedding excess body fat by forcing the body to burn it when it requires fuel
  • Keto diet stops gas formation to make you feel better
  • Keeps a check on insulin levels to prevent build-up of blood sugar levels  and mood swings
  • Fights inflammation inside the body to prevent onset of many ailments
  • Triggers balancing of hormones to prevent hot flashes and aids in better and sound sleep
  • Keto diet improves libido to make you enjoy sex once again

Margin for error is very small

Wait before you jump on to a Keto diet! There is a wafer thin difference between success and failure for people adopting Keto diet. You will find people religiously following the diet plan and still complaining after some time that they could not lose body fat. This is because these individuals eat food items that they need to avoid at all costs either because of peer pressure or their own cravings. If you have started on a Keto diet and attained Ketosis, you cannot eat restricted food items to put all your effort to a waste.

People who succeed stick to their diet plan

There are lots of success stories with a Keto diet. If you closely follow the actions and behavior of these people, you will notice that they become motivated to shed body fat once they attain

Ketosis with their Keto diet. These individuals show willpower in the face of peer pressure and stick to food choices within the Keto diet. The result is that they continue to lose body fat and also improve their overall health.

The difference between success and failure is that of discipline

You can see that the difference between success and failure in any diet is discipline. You know what to eat and what to avoid at all costs. But when you do not have a daily diet plan, it is easy to make a decision out of craving or because of peer pressure.

The Keto over 40- 28-Day Challenge

This is the reason why we have come up with a 28 Day Keto Diet challenge for those who are over the age of 40. It has been crafted by Keto experts to help those who are likely to fail after taking a challenge. First month is the most critical and this is why we have created a 28 day diet plan to keep you on track at all times.

All you have to do is to stick to this meal plan and see the transformation in your body and health. Read more about 50 Insane Keto Diet Before-And-After Photos That Will Give You Major Inspo

Basic Guide to Keto Diet – 13 Tips for Success!

Keto Diet: The Basics is a guide we have prepared to give all information about Keto diet to you. Reading this guide you will learn how Keto diet will work for your body. There are 13 tips for success as well as a list of food to eat and those to avoid.

All about macronutrients

‘Macros’ is the next guide in this 28 day diet challenge. It contains info about macronutrients such as protein, fat, and carbs that your body needs on a daily basis. ‘Macros’ is a term you will come across frequently. It simply means macronutrients. This guide makes it easy for you to calculate carbs and other macronutrients to stay on the right track.

Everything you need to know about Ketosis

Ketosis in a Nutshell is the next guide that tells you in detail about Ketosis and the changes that take place inside your body when you attain this state of metabolism.

You know when you have attained Ketosis, when and how to move out of the Ketosis cycle, and much more.

An understanding of Keto flu

Some people experience slightly high body temperature upon attaining Ketosis. It is referred to as Keto flu that is transient in nature and goes away quietly.

The next guide Keto Flu: Managing the side effects describes symptoms of this flu and how to get rid of these symptoms easily.

The basics of intermittent fasting

Our next guide is Intermittent Fasting: Tips for success. It describes what the concept of IF is, what are its health benefits and different ways of adopting IF.

Though not an essential component of our 28 day diet challenge, IF has the potential to induce ketosis and to help in shedding body fat. You will learn about not one but 5 different styles of IF to choose one according to your liking.

Friends and Keto diet

The next guide Keto Diet and friends talk about peer pressure and how to deal with it in social situations when following the Keto diet.

It contains lots of tips on healthy foods to have and food items to avoid when eating out.

Make a chart and stick to the choices. You will also learn how to avoid alcohol substance.

Meal plan for Keto diet

This important guide keeps you on track with delicious recipes. It contains 10 breakfast, 14 lunch, and 14 dinner recipes to spoil you for choices. You will learn about healthy snacks to overcome your cravings. This guide contains your 28 day meal plan to make sure you are successful.

The effects of Keto 28 day diet challenge

You will have a sense of achievement after the completion of this 28 day Keto diet challenge.

  • Feel elated to see yourself in the mirror as you will find yourself slimmer and younger (users have lost 20 pounds and even more)
  • Find more energy than ever before
  • Feel fresher because of better sleep and rest
  • You will feel good and ready for some intimate action with your spouse
  • Enjoy healthier and shinier  skin and hair

Check out Bonus gifts waiting for you!

Keto slow cooker28 yummy recipes includes  Crack Chicken, BBQ Ribs, Beef Cheeks, Brisket Chill to cook slowly and to be enjoyed at dinner

Keto party snacks- 28 snack recipes to enjoy when you throw a party for friends. These party snacks like Bacon Guacamole, hot dog rolls, buffalo chicken dip to have fun with friends without cheating on your Keto diet.

Keto fat bombsThis book contains delicious fat bomb recipes to satisfy your cravings for sugar.

There are no less than 41 such delicious recipes like cinnamon roll, pumpkin spice, cookies and cream fat bombs, strawberries and cream, and so on.

Our Keto over forty 28 day challenge is totally risk free for you. This meal plan consists of 7 Keto guides and 3 bonus guides.

* It comes with a 100% guarantee of success and no questions, full refund after 60 days if you are not satisfied with its results.

28 day keto challenge – Click here to get it!

keto over 40+ 28 day challenge – Click here!

DISCLAIMER – Before you go for keto diet do talk to your doctor as diet changes, medical history, age play and important role. This article is only for informational purposes.

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