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December 1, 2019

Few days back, when I first saw that video on youtube asking from different viewers across the whole world to come up with their versions of life in a day, I got quite impressed with the whole idea. But, as I kept on thinking about the different avenues, I started becoming more and more confused. And finally, I was beyond my wits’ end. But after few hours of torture to my brain, I came up with a unique idea. Now, I was just waiting for the 24thJuly’10, the day when I was supposed to shoot that video.

My preparations started few days before that. I kept on fighting with my boyfriend. And then, I stopped talking to him altogether. But on ‘D day’, when he was trying to pull everything back to the normal track between us, I sent a text on his cell that I would say yes only on one condition. I asked him to promise me in front of a camera that he would never fight with me.

And the poor guy, in a situation of having no other choice, finally accepted to do that. He made a video in which he said that he loves his GF a lot and would never fight with her. Even in case of misunderstandings, he will always give up first and would apologize to her.

As soon as he mailed me that video, I settled myself in front of my system, and here it goes on the Net. I don’t have any hope that it would be selected for the final draft of the movie. But girls, at least I have made my BF promise to me and that too in front of the whole world. My friends viewed that and they thought it was really cute.

Well, I may not be the most beautiful, loving, caring and adorable girl friend in this whole world, but definitely I can be counted as SMART. So how was that girls? Good luck to all of you too. Do try to come up with new plans and I would really love to hear from you. 😉

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