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December 1, 2019

I was not able to sleep. It was five in the morning. After a sleepless night; well, which went quite okay according to my previous standards. After all, what can an unemployed research scholar, distressed from life, with disturbed sleep pattern, wrong lifestyle according to her parents; expect from HER life. It was just like any other night which consisted a few hours on Internet, searching studies for my work (well most of them were useless searches, ranging from why my BF is cheating on me, why life is so boring, how to commit suicide, what are the new trends in hairstyles this summer, I have bought two new gladiator sandals… are they still in fashion????); to writing some useless stuff on stupid blogs and discussion forums; and then arguing with friends or even some strangers on facebook etc. etc… and yes, then it was 5 A.M and suddenly this brought me back to the fact that I was about to write something else. Huh… well that is the other problem with researchers, when we sit to talk something serious, most of us usually end up talking as a maniac but in actual, drifting away from the main topic quite soon.

Hmmm, so I am writing this article because I want to share something REALLY important. As I have already told you that I was not able to sleep and because of useless tensions of my life, was feeling somewhat tensed. So, I decided to take a walk on the roof. Well, it was a super shock for today’s net-savvy kid (read people like me who never want to grow up). Ohhh again I was about to go off-track. But thank God, as I am not in the habit of writing anything with pen anymore, that my aching hand reminded me of the real cause for all this stuff.

Now without much ado, let me explain the shocking scene which was in front of my eyes. There were just buildings and buildings all around. I wanted to have some fresh air, so that it could have cleared my mind, as it always does to different characters in the novels. But, OH MY GOSH, where have all trees gone, and what about those cute, sweet, little creatures, used to be called as birds. All, I was able to see was 2-3 lame things flying in the air, who were pretending to be birds. But I am pretty sure that they were some poor actors, as those pitiful creatures were not even chirping, so they could not have been birds. Right, guys? Then I saw few small plants in the gardens and roofs of different houses of my colony. Suddenly, I got a vigorous attack of suffocation on my senses. Surely this could not have been true. Pleasant pictures from my childhood started coming back in front of my eyes in small flashbacks. Wow, there were so many trees at that time and a lot of birds used to sing their sweet notes on our roof.

Surely I am not that old, that things would have been actually changed so dramatically in those few years. If in my youth, I am not able to see anything which was a very beautiful, peaceful, serene and pleasant part of my childhood just some few years back. What will happen to the future generations? Where will they go to clear their minds, to get some fresh air? Why people are growing at such a rapid rate? Why there are a lot of buildings all around? Why can’t we just go back to those good old days? I don’t know about other things, but for one thing I am quite sure of, writers would have to find some new technique to clear our minds in this modern age. You know what, I have a solution. Let me search all about it first on Google today. After all, GOOGLE UNCLE has answers to all my queries.

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