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New Haul: Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Range


Hi friends, today I am gonna share my new haul for skincare products. I am a big fan for Blossom Kochhar’s Aroma magic products and have been using a lot of their products since ages. But, when I saw this new range from Lotus herbals; I instantly fell in love with its cute packaging. So, few days back I went ahead and bought the whole range. Today, I am just gonna share the pics and prices of all these products in this post. I will review each product in separate posts (or else this post would be too lengthy to read through in a single go). So, to start with let me tell you that this range is having six products and is quite economical in comparison to some other insanely high priced skin-care products.


What the product has to say about it: WHITEGLOW range is a breakthrough from Lotus Herbals that lightens, whitens and brightens your skin. This is a luminous example of the perfect combination of nature and science. This range incorporates various rare and highly prized ingredients that work deep into the skin to give you naturally radiant, fairer looking skin. And because it is all natural, it has no side-effects. It works in three ways-

Lightens- reduces uneven pigmentation

Whitens- reduces dark spots

Brightens- enhances radiance


Products: Whiteglow 3 in 1 deep cleansing skin whitening facial foam, oatmeal and yogurt skin whitening scrub, yogurt skin whitening and brightening masque, skin whitening and brightening gel crème with SPF 25, skin whitening and brightening micro-emulsion with SPF 25; and intensive skin whitening and brightening serum.

WHITEGLOW 3 in 1 deep cleansing skin whitening facial foam– (Deep cleanses, whitens and blocks melanin production). This face cleanser is priced at INR 95/- for 50g.


WHITEGLOW oatmeal and yogurt skin whitening scrub– (exfoliates and brightens skin for a healthy glow). You get 100g of the product in Rs. 145/-

WHITEGLOW yogurt skin whitening and brightening masque– (brightens, revitalizes and firms up skin). This product is of Rs. 145/- and you get a quantity of 80g.


WHITEGLOW skin whitening and brightening gel crème- (with SPF 25 and PA+++, this is for all skin types). This gel based crème is priced at Rs. 260/- and net weight of the product is 60g.

WHITEGLOW skin whitening and brightening micro-emulsion- (with SPF 25 and PA+++, deep and fast penetrating formula). You get 40 ml of product in Rs. 225/-


WHITEGLOW intensive skin whitening and brightening serum- (brown spot removal formula visibly refines large pores). It is priced at INR 195/- for 15ml.


What I loved about this range:

  • A very nice and classy looking packaging.
  • Decently priced products.
  • Readily available in Indian market.
  • Each product can be bought separately too.
  • Since these are herbal products, so no side effects.
  • Ingredients are well mentioned on all products.

 What I didn’t like about it:

  • I hate the fragrance. Some of them literally smell like yogurt.
  • Some of the products have huge packaging, but you actually get a very less amount of the product (like in case of serum and gel-crème).
  • I still don’t have any clue that when do I need to use Micro-emulsion formula. As I am sure that whether we should use cleanser, serum, emulsion and crème, one right after the other. I mean all products state that we need to use them twice a day. So, that’s quite a lot of rubbing and massaging on the face on daily basis. Don’t you think so?? 😉
  • Pump of the Micro-emulsion is not working right. I need to press at least 10-15 times to get any product out of it. (But I guess this won’t be the problem with all other bottles, may be I just got the bad one). 🙁

 So overall I really like the packaging and price aspect. I loved its all WHITE packaging, which looks really neat and classy. You can get this whole kit at INR 1085/- which in my opinion is another bonus for getting these many products. I am just having one complaint with this range so far that why didn’t they explained the steps on the bottles (I mean which product needs to be applied first).

So far, I have been using cleanser first, then I apply serum and then micro-emulsion. After that I apply gel-crème. (I really don’t feel that this is the right way, I mean how can I keep on applying three products consecutively right after the other on my face??) And of course scrubber and face masque can’t be used more than twice a week.

To read the reviews of each product separately, do keep coming back here. I will be uploading them pretty soon. 🙂 And is there anyone else who is using any of these products? Share your opinions about them under comments section. Would love to read you take on them. 🙂

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  • kuheli

    wow, u bought all the stuffs from this range?! great. 🙂

    • shruti

      Hi Kuheli, Thanks for dropping by. Welcome to myspace dear. And yep I bought the whole range. But, you don’t repeat the same mistake. Wait for some time and read its reviews. I am not very much impressed with the actual quality of products. I am just some what busy these days that’s why not writing the review part for each of them. But, would surely do that soon. So, watch out for that before buying the full range yourself too. 🙂

  • orangeorn


    Just wanted to know, are these products working for you. DO you feel any positive difference. I am interested in the serum particularly. I have acne prone oily skin. Do you think it will suit acne prone oily skin?

    • shruti

      Hi Orangeorn, actually honestly telling you, I didn’t like any of their products, apart from face masque and gel creme. If you take my opinion, I would just advice you to skip these. Ponds serum is much more effective than this one. And if you are more into Herbal products, then you should definitely go for Blossom Kochhar’s Aroma Magic range. As they are much more mild and are absolute delight for acne-prone skin. Plus in case of having oily skin, you should never skip applying Toner. Hope that would help. In case you want to ask something else, do let me know. I would love to be of some help. 🙂

  • orangeorn

    Thanx Shruti,
    Yeah, now a daz m more into herbal products. Got biotique toner.. I don’t know what to expect from a toner, just using it from few weeks. So taking your words and skipping this lotus product. Thanx again. 🙂

    • shruti

      🙂 Good to know that you liked my view. Yes actually Toner just keeps the natural ph level and when you have oily skin, it is bound that in next few years you gonna get large pores on your skin. In that case toner is essential to keep pores to the minimum size. I learnt the same lesson hard way. 😀 Even I was having oily skin (but now it has become combination/dry). BTW how is Biotique toner? I have used few of their products. Their night lip-balms are amazing.

  • orangeorn

    Yes Shruti, I have heard that toner is must for oily skin, but never bothered to grab one. Recently I bought this from biotique. As I said earlier I dunno how to feel when you use a toner. So I am just using it. It has little cooling effect, but other than that I haven’t noticed any change. I am still getting pimples on a regular basis, my skin is still oily. But I will be using it until I finish this bottle. Also I use this toner just once in the morning and don’t feel like using it in the evening too coz I generally apply besan and curd as a facepack before bedtime and it feels quite clean. So don’t use any other thing on my skin afterwords. Do you think I should add a toner too in the facepack or apply it after washing the facepack. My skin feels so dull if I don’t use besan pack every nite. 🙂

    • shruti

      Yes Orangeorn, Toner would show you its benefits in the long run. Till that time just keep on using it. One of my friends have the same problem and she too uses it regularly. And whenevr she stops using it, she starts having blackheads and more acne. And about your question, I feel that one time application is enough. As it is required only while stepping out of house (because it closes the pores so that dirt can’t get accummulated there). But at night time, when you are not exposed to any dirt, let your skin breathe properly. And it’s wonderful that you apply facepack daily (I am too lazy to do that even once in a while). That’s why I mostly use readymade packs and that too when my skin is literally crying for it. 😀 BTW in my teenage when I faced this same problem, Himalaya acne and pimple cream did wonders for my skin. I am not sure that it would suit your skin and weather or not. But, I am from North India (where humidity is not very high), I used this cream along with an ayurvedic medicine named “kumaryasav” (for my periods problem, it’s just like “ashokarisht”) and that really helped me a lot. By the way, what’s your age? Because acne problem generally go away by the end of our teenage. 🙂

  • orangeorn

    I am really thankful to you Shruti coz you giving me hope to carry on with that toner. Maybe its helping me somehow within but m not aware.

    I have started taking some zinc and vitamin D3 supplements to help from within. I bought himalayas pimple cream too. but used just once twice.. m so impatient you know.. And thats my problem I guess. I will be using again as I can see another pimple forming beneath my skin.

    Glad you take out time to post answers to my questions 🙂
    Love Ya 🙂

    • shruti

      @Orangeorn: awww thanks a lot sweetie… And WOW u hv already bought the Himalaya cream. 🙂 Well yes dear I can understand how bad it feels to get pimples. But I have learnt it from my experience that those ppl who worry more about them, get even more of it. So, take a chill pill dear. Just maintain a healthy lifestyle and a minimum usage of skin care products on your face (afterall they all chemicals). And it’s natural to get pimples, so accept it as a part fo growing process. Just see to it that you don’t get marks in the after effects. Rest everything is fine. And about those supplements, did anyone prescribed them to you?? I am very apprehensive about getting any pills myself. That’s why always prefer to go with the natural (ayurvedic) remedy first. BTW I have one more advice, if you can follow that… 😀 Include Indian Gooseberry in your routine. They make your skin shiny, fair and clear. Plus they are good for digestion, hairs and eyes. All in all a wonderful product to use. I guess I will be doing a detialed post on that soon. 🙂 And thanks a lot for your comments. You made me feel doing all this blogging stuff really worthwhile. :*

  • orangeorn

    Hey thanx again for writing back Shruti. You are a big help here 🙂

    • shruti

      @Orangeorn: Thanks sweetie.. n u r an absolute sweetheart! 🙂

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    This is my first time pay a visit at here and i am in fact impressed to read everthing
    at alone place.

  • haseena

    hi shruti!….i’m from dubai…..ur reviews are very clear and informative. as i was hoping to try his full range…..but after reading your reviews…i’m no more to it….actually i’m now using olay white radiance. intensive fairness cream…it’s gud but it makes my face super oily….as a night cream i can use it..but as a day cream i hate it….so i want to switch to another product…i’m fair but my face looks dull…i want to get some glow to my face…..pls suggest me any brightening skin care products…pls do help me……hope u will..

    • shruti

      Hello Haseena, thanks a ton for your encouraging words. This really means a lot to me. 🙂

      Well, earlier I was really skeptical about micro emulsion from this range. But since 2011, I am on a run between one part of India to another, my skin has changed from dry to combination/sensitive. And since I was having that micro emulsion’s bottle lying uselessly in my vanity, I gave it another go. And this time it really worked. So, I guess it’s more suitable for humid environments and normal to oily skin. It has SPF too, so you can definitely use it as a day cream.

      And regarding glow thing, I will just say that start eating more fruits and drink more, you will get glow from within. 😉 Just joking, I know none of us is that much boring to remain consistent with that routine.

      Well, if you are teenager, I guess a good night cream is enough for healthy glowy skin. If you are in your mid to late twenties, try Ponds gold raidance serum.. IT REALLY WORKS and you will get that glow that we all yearn for. And if you are in your late thrities and above, you will have to add some supplements too. My sister is 29, and she needs to take iron supplements daily to have healthy skin, nails and hairs. So, I guess it depends upon many factors. But, for starters, I guess Ponds gold radiance Serum or Lotus micro emulsion are better options. And yesss.. regular exfoliating also helps. 😀

  • haseena

    hi shruti! txs a lot for spending your time on replying me…..ur skin looks so amazing….i can see it byyour pic..i checked ur skin care routine review…dat’s just simple andothin much…may be it’s coz of ur genetics. ok will definitely try it…i’m 20 years old..what would u tell about the lotus white glow gel creme? and also the lotus white glow masque? is this masque can used daily? pls i want this details…recently only they launched this lotus range in dubai…so i wanted to know pls let me know….txs again shruti….

    • shruti

      Yes Haseena, this whole range is indeed very good when compared to some other skin care products in the same price bracket. Masque is superb, but since you have oily skin and are very young, I guess you may not like it much as masque is really creamy and nourishes skin really well. You get a very clear, soft skin after using that but the only annoying factor is that it never really dries on skin, you can keep it from 10-30 minutes, but still it would be creamy and wet. I am not much of a face packs kind of person, but this is the only one which I have liked so far. I am not sure about applying it on daily basis though. I mean if one can find time to sit for 25-30 minutes with this applied on face daily, then it should definitely be switched with making some other home made face pack like turmeric, curd and gram flour (which would no doubt be more effective). 🙂 And about gel creme, I guess you should give a try to micro emulsion as both are more or less same. But in micro emulsion you will get faster penetration, more hygienic bottle with pump dispenser, SPF for day usage, is cheaper and more effective than creme. Mine bottle lasted me for a really long time and I used to mix my BB cream with that before applying as it used to spread very smoothly after that. It sinks into skin just in seconds. You can give a skip to face wash and serum from this range as they provide nothing new. Face wash is clear loser whereas serum comes with such a less quantity that you will hardly be able to use it once a day for 10-15 days only. So, from your point I would say go for micro emulsion. And masque can be kept in check, no doubt it is good but then in warm weather of Dubai and oily skin of a teenager, I can’t see it working much. So, you should probably have some orange based face pack. Hope this helped, and thanks for your compliment. 😀

  • haseena

    hi shruti! txa a lot once again…for explainin me everything…my skin is normal to dry skin….i don’t have pimples or anything…i get one or two in my menstrual period…other than that no more to pimples…so would you prefer me to use the face masque once a week or it can be used daily? i’m i can’t go for home remedies that i don’t have time to it…so mostly i like instant masques…coz i’m with a baby…i got married so early in my 18 so i have a 10 months old baby… which face wash wud u prefer me to use? i donno if i’m bothering u asking so many questions…if i’m, am reallly sorry…

    • shruti

      Hey No dear.. not at all. I love talking to you and having your comments here. So keep coming back. 😀 And I am IMPRESSED!! you yourself are a baby and you are handling another you two would be looking sooo cute together. 😉 I mean it’s like two babies together. Hehehehe.. I am 27, so you yourself are a baby in my eyes. 😀 And since you have normal to dry skin, in my opinion you will like Lotus face masque. But I guess using it once or twice a week would be enough. But I would advice you to use night cream on daily basis. Because you can skip face packs, but night creams are a must. So, just follow your usual CTM routine with a good night cream and eye cream. Face packs once a week would be enough. I hope you are using some eye cream, as with an infant you are bound to have dark circles as they never sleep at proper times.. 😉 Tell me what face wash and night creams etc. you are using right now. I will suggest you some full fledged routine by keeping in view those things too. As ingredients/chemicals used in them should not be mixed with each other. Lotus is a herbal product, so you can definitely try anything from that brand. I personally love Aroma Magic too. But I don’t know whether you have their products over there or not. And once again sweetie, don’t worry about asking me anything. I get EXTREMELY happy reading your comments, so ask me anything you want to ask. 😀 And yes, give my love to your kiddo. BTW wat’s his/her name? 🙂

  • haseena

    hi Shruti! hw are you?i’m so happy that i found a person like u to suggest me a good skin care routine. you know more than me everything about skin care. now am using olay white radiance face wash, and as night cream am using olay white radiance night cream….txs a lot dear for ur kind words…my baby’s name is hamnah.. actually yesterday i went shopping and i saw that loreal white perfect collection of skin i’m really impressed with that…some of my frends told me that loreal products works well and i saw ur reviews on loreal hydra fresh and in that i can see dat it worked well for you nu…have everything in that loreal white perfect collection..have everything like scrub ,night cream, day cream, facial wash, emulsion, toner…so i wud like to try it first the day cream only…so if it’s gud i can go for the full range nu…so what wud u say sis? i need ur opinion on this sisy…u may know about that coz u have experience more than me….

    • shruti

      Hi sweets, I am fine.. thanks a ton for ur kind words. You seem like a really warm and innocent person. And I am very delighted to find such a gem here. Thanks once again sis. 😉 Well I am sorry for my ignorance, but I could not determine Hamnah is a boy name or a girl name.. 😉 Just give my love to him/her. lol..
      And no, I am not at all an expert to suggest you for your skin care regime. But I just love suggesting all these new products and techniques to my university friends. And most of the times they like my opinion. That’s why just thought that may be you too would like it. 😀
      Yes that Loreal range is awesome, though that is not available in India. I have used Pearl perfect and Hydrafresh range of theirs and they both are awesome. I would just say that Olay as a skin care brand in my opinion sucks big time. And Loreal or Ponds are way better than other drug store brands. Of course Vichy , Clinique and Elizabeth Arden kind of other high end brands are just superb, but then they are expensive too. So, I mostly use Loreal or Ponds.
      I would suggest you to just buy their face wash first, you can definitely skip their toner as you have dry skin. Start with their face wash and if you like it, buy their scrub and night cream too. And yes, if you still have plans for Lotus products, don’t try their scrub ever. It’s harsh like anything. Ok, coming back to Loreal.. That brand is awesome. So, you better invest in their products rather than buying some average products from over hyped brands like Olay and Lotus.
      On a side note, are you working/studying?? I mean going out on daily basis?? Because if you are not going out daily and facing pollution or sun rays, then may be you won’t need to invest in any day cream at all. You can just use a good moisturizing sun screen lotion during day. And yes don’t forget night cream, that is a must have around a kid. 😀
      Actually honestly speaking.. I REALLY feel that you should use as few products as possible, because you are soo young, and believe me you don’t need anything till the time you reach 25. So, right now, invest money in jewellary, clothes, bags, shoes etc. and don’t fret about skin care thing. Because I know, most of us are doomed after 25 and then this finding perfect skin care thing is just mandatory and not an option anymore. 😉

  • haseena

    hi dear! once again txs for ur very very kind words…i’ve ever met a nyc person like u….ur so cute and sweet…txs for ur sweet comments on me and my baby…well my baby is a girl…ok sure sis as u suggested me i’l buy only the face wash and let u know the result ok. but i wanted to know y i shud skip the toner and why people use toner? i’ll try there eye cream too coz as u said i have some under eye dark circle coz i’m not having a proper sleep in the night with the kid. and also i’m having some spots on my nose area sis.. definitely it’s not pimples mark i knw that…it seems like age spots or pigmentation. what can i do?i’m so worrying coz of dat. ok so how about u? r u married? i am interested to know about u if u don’t mind…

    • shruti

      Hey dear.. I am really curious to see Hamnah with her cute Mom. 😉 And well, I am married. I got married last Feb to my long time boyfriend. There is a long story behind that, which I have shared here in some posts, and also in tids and bits in “About Me” page on this blog. 🙂 I am PhD. in Psychology and work as a Lecturer in a University with undergraduate and post graduate students. I am basically from Punjab, but have moved to Western part of India after my marriage. Well, that’s it for now. Nothing exciting kind of thing to share actually.. lol.
      And ok, talking about toner.. basically toner shrinks up your pores and soothes your skin. Pores get smaller so that no dirt can get accumulated there and become a black head sort of thing. But, usually people with normal to dry skin don’t require a toner, as pores are not that much larger. But for an oily skin, it is a must. Toner reduces oiliness and restores natural ph level of skin too. Well, I am just gonna quote an expert here.
      “Today most dermatologists agree toner isn’t necessary. Its main purpose is to remove traces of makeup and residual cleanser, but a high-quality cleanser, even a creamy one, should rinse off easily with water alone. Some women like the fact that toner leaves their face tight and smooth. But that taut, tingly sensation actually indicates dryness.” — InStyle’s “Getting Gorgeous”.

      So, you got the drift? They are mostly alcohol based and as you can guess.. alcohol dries out the skin. So, people with normal to dry skin don’t need them at all. And then spots on your nose.. my sister too has them and honestly speaking nothing help much. She takes iron supplements and then her face looks glowing, her hairs and nails look more healthy and her spots on nose also appear lighter. She is also having a daughter. And what I feel is after delivering a baby, your body looses loads of nutrients, so you must keep proper diet and if required, take extra supplements in form of tablets or special diet too. Well, I have read a lot of stuff about using either vinegar, onion or lemon juice on spots daily and then skin gets peeled off and spots are gone. But, I have not tried any one of those things, so can’t really say that they work or not. But, one thing I am quite sure of that they get really bad when exposed to sun rays for longer period of time, so make sure to avoid that, and wear sunscreen with high SPF.
      And sis, I guess we can definitely catch up on gmail or Fb. Just check that whether you get my mail in your inbox or not.. as many a times mails from my id go to spam folder. And in case FB is more convenient to you, here is the link. Facebook Link take care and hv fun.. xxx :*

      • shruti

        I sent mail to your provided id, but it’s showing it to be non-existent. Please check that and let me know. 🙂

  • haseena

    hi shruthi! i’ve mentioned my mail addres incorrectly nw only i saw that….that’s y i didn’t get any of your messages….i think now you can see my correct mail address ryt….so i used fb before but now i’m not using coz of some prolems…so u can mail me…i can share my and my baby’s pics thru the mail…so u also can share your pics with me….as well so….txs a lot for ur explanations and everything. will kit thru the mail..

    • shruti

      Hey dear, I have sent you a mail. Do check your inbox. 🙂

  • haseena

    hey sweeti!
    i hav replyed you

    • shruti

      Thanks dear.. I have also replied back.. 🙂

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