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Hi Friends and fellow beauty bloggers, I have been away from this webbie from so long and during this time I have gone through a lot of life changing events. I stopped coming here since July last year. Earlier it was because of some health issues and then I just got too busy with my job at IIM, that I just kinda stopped living and hardly cared about anything at all.

And last month I finally got married to my long time boy friend and love of my life… Kevin. Yessss I am married now. 😀 It happened after so much struggle (for me and Kevin) and tensions for both families (because of inter-religion issue) that I just can’t thank God enough that everything went well.

And then again because I had to shift to my hubby’s place, I left my job. Currently I am kinda full time housewife. But yes I am learning new things every day. I am trying my hand at cooking and other domestic works too. So far I can say that I have successfully passed level one.. (if waking up at 10 to say bye to your hubby when he is just about to step out for work can come under that category ;)).. Yes, yes I know there are a lot more levels.

Well I am learning to be a good wife and a good home maker too. Though I will start looking for some new job pretty soon. Amongst all these events I just wanted to have a little breather, so I guess I will enjoy one or two month’s freedom before starting off again with my job-hunting.

And from beauty point of view, I have got so many new things on my wedding that I just can’t wait anymore to start doing more product reviews. But one small gripe is that I have got so many pimples on my face, I guess it was may be because of different experiments conducted by beauticians all across India on my innocent skin. 🙁 (I had two marriages, Hindu wedding in Punjab and Christian wedding in Kerala and total of four functions.. so you can well imagine my skin’s condition after being maltreated by various expert beauticians (read high minded and very very rigid).

Now I am not able to use any kinda cosmetic on my face, and my skin has turned sensitive (can you imagine? I was having dry skin in Punjab, which then changed into oily as per my cosmetologist in Punjab after coming to Ahmedabad and then recently Doc at Kaya clinic told me that my skin is sensitive.. :O I mean how.. why so many changes??? and in just six-seven months.. :O)

Well, I am just using raktchandan powder (prescribed by some ayurvedic clinic) these days, along with Kaya’s face cleanser and sunscreen lotion (both for sensitive skin). I am going slow with any kinda facial cosmetics, as I am pretty scared to try out anything new. But, I guess in a month or so I would be as good as my old self again. 😀 (So much for positive thinking ;)).

Hmmm.. so I just want to say that I know I have been away reallyyyyy long.. but if just out of the blue and just by sheer luck, any of you is still coming to this place, I promise I will be more regular here. And I would love to hear from you guys too about your own adventures in past 7 months. 🙂

Love ya all! And hope to c ya regularly here. 😀

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