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Spring Special Color Splash (Nail Art Design 18)


Hi girls, after a loonnngggg time, I am back with some new nail art design. In past few months I was totally over with nail-art-and-design thing. I preferred to have my nails plain in one color. And somehow I started thinking that these nail art thing is just for teenagers and it does not look good on adults’ hands. 😉 But guess what…. spring time made me change my opinion once again. I felt myself to be getting drawn towards all fun colors and nail art stickers. Flowery trends of spring also made me want to have all those fruity/flowery colors on my nails too. 🙂

So, here I bring another fun nail art tutorial which I have named as Color Splash because of all the fun colors I have used. Hope you would enjoy it as much as I do. 😀

Ok, to start off, apply white nail paint on all your nails. I skipped applying base coat as white color is gonna work as a base coat only.

In this design I have used four major colors: Blue, red, green and yellow. You can throw any other colors of your choice. So, after getting done with white base, I put random dots with blue color over all the nails. One thing you need to keep in mind is to break any symmetry- throw colors randomly, I mean sometimes in bigger dots and sometimes in smaller ones; then sometimes in the center of nail and sometimes just around the corner. (BTW I used nail art tool to apply dots. You can use toothpick, bobby pin or backside of a painting brush in case you don’t have the desired tool. They all work just the same.)

Then, repeat the same procedure with yellow colored nail paint.

After that, I used red color to splash some more fun. 😉

And lastly, repeat the whole procedure with green color.

Then let it get dry completely before you seal off with transparent top coat, otherwise you can blot all the colors together.

And this is the final look. I really loved this fun-cool design. I paired it up with white flowery top and dark blue basic denims. Incidentally above mentioned all colors were also there in my top. (Too much for matching-matching). 😉

So, hope you liked this nail art and I would love to hear your views regarding your choice of any specific colored nail paint for spring season. Have a nice time friends!

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