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Sunset Nail-art (Design 16)


Hi Girls, How have you all been? Yes yes I know that I should have been studying rather than spending my time here on blogging and nail-art designing. But, I take this whole nail-art stuff as my big stress buster. 🙂 So, obviously when someone is neck deep into all those big books and journals, what can you expect a person to come up with??? Yes, you are right friends…. Here’s another NAIL-ART. 😀

Ok, since I am not having much time on my hands to go into any other pleasantries, let’s get down to business fast. Hmmm this was my first attempt for applying any nail-paint with sponges, and believe me brushes are way more easier than this whole messy stuff. But anyway, I am happy with the overall results. So, to begin with I applied base coat on all nails.

After that, I applied yellow nail-paint on all nails (as Sun is always yellow). 😉

Then, I took out the orange nail-paint and covered half of my nail with the help of a sponge. (Tip: You can use old eye-shadow applicators which come with all eye-shadow quads, but nobody uses them. So, since they are already waste, better you make some use of them.) 🙂

Then, apply the same procedure with green nail-paint. I used orange color because I am thinking about Sun-set, when Sun is having two colors (yellow and orange). But, I added green one just because I wanted to have green grass rather than brown sand. Ideally you should go for brown color, as we all enjoy the PERFECT Sunsets on beaches, where brown sand is available rather than this green grass. But, since I actively hate brown color, I chose green one for my nails.

Now, take out your black nail-art pen or else you can use black nail-paint with thin painting brush (or even your liquid eye liner would do the trick too). Draw small coconut trees with the help of this. We used black color for trees because at Sunset, things start getting darker. You can use brown color for this purpose or any other colors of your choice.

And in my madness, I made this up side down on my left hand. I mean I made the roots of tree on yellow part, which spoiled the whole fun. 🙁 So, don’t repeat the same mistake. Don’t forget that you need to make roots on green part and branches on the yellow part. 🙂

In the end, just let it get dry completely and seal everything with clear top-coat. So, how was it friends?? If you want, you can change the back-ground colors too, like- sky-blue, white and green can make a nice Day-Scene. 🙂 Don’t forget to leave your comments below to let me know your take on it.

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  • devika

    lovely..gr88 gng shruti..

    • shruti

      🙂 Thanks Devika… What’s up? You are not coming on FB these days??

  • G@rry

    wow….i like this design
    it makes me feel like Goa..
    keep going shruti:)

    • shruti

      Thanks Garry.. 🙂 and yes even I did think about Goa while doing this… 😀

  • Ravinder

    did you yourself wrote all this stuff ? .
    iam surprised,astonished,impressed and amazed .wow
    all those girlly stuff what not..
    great job done.

    • shruti

      Hi Negi Sir, (hahahahah I would keep on calling u with this name only). Yes, I hv written all this stuff, n thnx for liking it. I know it’s not all about Males, that’s why don’t get any comments from my male frnds.. bt I really appreciate that you took some time out to visit my blog and also commented upon it. Thnx a lot for tht. 😀 BTW there are few articles which are not gender specific.. 😉 So I hope that you would enjoy them. 🙂

  • Ravinder

    no problem
    its a treat to read all these stuff.
    guys my not be commenting but iam sure they must be going through all the articles here ,as every guy likes to peep into girl things hhaha .
    and same goes for me 🙂 but i don’t restaraint myself from commenting.

    • shruti

      @ravinder: awww.. that’s sooo sweet of you. It’s good to know that you liked it. 🙂 But, sometimes I seriously feel that may be I am the sole reader of my site… hahahhah.. So, what’s up with you? I am going to Hostel on coming Sunday and may be then I won’t be able to write anything at all for next one month. 🙁

  • Ravinder

    To become Dr. … you have to sacrifice something ..

    iam fit and fine .
    doning a monotonus job and these day trying to get off my extra gained weight . though its a tough task but i have a resolution for this year to loose 15 kg .so wish me luck. haha 🙂
    May be you can write tips for loosing weight in you next article . 🙂 it would made a good reading both for guys and gals ….


    • shruti

      @Ravinder: hahahahah.. in that case, even I am not different. You know na what can long hours of sitting in frnt of computer can do to a body.. well, I was no exception… n even I gained 4 kgs extra.. 🙁 But yes your idea is awesome. I would try to search about this thing, (plus I have a dietician frnd too) n then I would write some easy to do article, which can be followed by a great number of people and can fit in their routines easily. And hey even in the past too I have faced the same issue and at that time, surya namaskar and cutting down on sugar intake really helped me out. May be this time again, I would follow the same plan. 🙂 But you are in Haridwar na, you should go for Yoga training from some expert (that would help you in the long run too). My papa in his bachelorhood went there and took Yoga training from some Acharya ji. It’s really worth it. You should go for that. 🙂

  • Ravinder

    iam already in to a rigrous routine now . as my schedule is 7 am to 4 pm office the 5.30pm to 7pm gym . then 7pm to 9 pm lawn tennis . its strips me of all my energy . by 10 i drop dead till 6.30 morning. 🙁

    . plus i have modified my eating habit also like i have resolved to leave non veg and extra junk food + suger milk etc and included good amount of fruits.
    so far lost 1 and half kg . lets see what happens. may be i should start yoga in morning .thats a good idea.thanx

    for you 4 kg is not that bad actually . its a normal fluctuation of weight that an average body faces during summers and winters .
    if looked after litter diligently can be managed easily.:)


    • shruti

      O WOW… you do all that stuff??????? Amazing!!!! I am doing nothing except eating and reading books like “don’t lose ur mind, lose weight”…. hahahahahah.. Bt I guess u r already doing a lot of things. the only thing is that with so much of physical activity, u would hv to maintain with this, otherwise whenever u will leave all tht Gym n Lawn tennis, ur body will react to it, n would start collecting fats again. So i guess u dnt need to introduce yoga right nw above all tht.. 😀 well goodluck for ur lose-weight regime, n i hope tht soon even I would be motivated enough to go on healthy lifestyle. 🙂 but I guess frst thing FIRST.. thesis is more important right nw… 😉

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