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What’s on my mind: People stuffed tightly into brick buildings, thinking they are doing the most important task of the world, where in fact they are just wasting their times, energies, resources and what not. All these thoughts just leave me wondering that what is the actual need of all this???

I mean why do people study, do researches, go to jobs, save money, do hard work and all that blah blah kinda stuff. All we need for survival is Eat, Drink and Be Merry. So, why can’t people just focus on that? Why don’t people enjoy Nature anymore?

Sitting here in IIMA, there are wonderful sights just out of the windows of my room. But, strangely people don’t stop and stare at them. When I am feeling like running down to those big trees in front of lawns opposite Library by opening my arms and trying to embrace Nature in my soul and heart; why does not anybody else already doing the same? People are not even stopping by to have a closer look or to praise God’s creations. Nobody has the Time to do that. But why can’t they have time???

Are attending lectures, discussing on some useless case studies is in anyway more important than enjoying the wonders of life and praising whatever God has showered upon us? I see people getting so impassioned during the discussions that they genuinely get hyper about whatever points they are having and keep on talking about all those views and opinions (read rubbish), that sometimes I feel pity for them. As this all seems so useless. People have forgotten the tiny little pleasures of life- THE REAL PLEASURES!!!

They run after bigger things, many of them never get hold of any of these materialistic pleasures… and then they are left frustrated. So at the end of the day they either cry, behave aggressively or just whine around. Isn’t it all so stupid and senseless?

Ok just answer me one thing, how many of you have seen such persons on roads who are actually having happiness, joy, satisfaction, a sense of peace and contentment written right over their faces. Sadly, everybody is stressed, unhappy or in a hurry.The real pleasures like Love, Relations, Nature, Spiritualism, Getting closer to God– people just ignore them totally and I hate that. I hate it when sometimes even I do behave in the same way by being a part of this mad system.

I don’t know about others, but I have decided for myself that I am not gonna live my life on others’ principles. Yes I do understand that I need to do hard work, get some secure job, land up my finances in the right places and all that stuff. But, I will just finish off the major chunk of this by the end of next 2-3 years. And then I will live my life the way I want it to be.

I know what I am from inside and what are my priorities, I am not gonna change them for this f**king mad system and then I will show the world that how it is actually possible to live life on your terms. I know I will make this happen soon as I am always in harmony with Nature so definitely Nature will come out to help me in achieving my REAL PLEASURES OF LIFE. Amen! 🙂

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