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Hey everyone, I am a simple all-girly girl with usual feminine attribute of having loads of things to talk about. In my dream world, I am either a princess or a super-shot Actress/model/celebrity etc. Alas.. but turning back to the reality— I am just a simple person with very modest lifestyle. To tell you the truth I am a research scholar, doing PhD. in Psychology. (Most of the times, I keep that part hidden, as it generally creates a far wrong perception about me as a very studious and wise kinda girl.. which blissfully I am not). 🙂

Well, I am a person who swings between extremes… I mean I either absolutely LOVE something or HATE it entirely from the bottom of my heart. I must also divulge that I get obsessive about various things pretty soon. And apart from that, getting addicted to anything is by default the easiest thing for me to do in this whole world.

Till now, my addictions have been ranged from cell-phone texting, to experimenting with makeup, judging people on the basis of their zodiac-signs, to reading Mills and Boons, to bitching about each and everything with my BFF- best friend forever (who also happens to be my ever dearest hubby) etc etc… Since, these days I am totally obsessed with blogging, so here comes my first ever website for all of you to read, comment, bitch about, gossip, subscribe and sooo on. 🙂

Apart from that, I am a big sucker of eating anything sweet and cold. I love pastries, cakes, pizza, sweet corn and coffee a lot. So, in short I am a living example of how to get a wrong lifestyle and still survive… 😉 My routine is pretty messed up. I have wrong biological clock which never let me have any sleep at night, but keep me sleepy for all day long. So, even if you want to cry about any kinda woe at 3 in night, I am the answer to all your prayers.

The things which I absolutely adore are my father, my mother, my BF  now hubby, my brother, any romantic novel, new clothes, any kinda shoes and talking endlessly for hours. And the things which make me lose my senses are pretentious people, reptiles, cooking and getting criticized. 😉

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