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Allison Stokke Pole Vaulter Training Videos, Pictures & Social Profiles!

Allison Stokke Pole Vaulter Training Videos, Pictures & Social Profiles!


Allison Stokke pole vaulter is a very popular American athlete and fitness model. She was born on 22 March 1989 in Newport Beach, California to parents Allan and Cindy Stokke. Allison became an internet sensation at a very young age when her photographs were published in a sports blog. She is very popular among men because of her glamorous looks. Allison came to limelight after breaking American High School pole vaulting records at a tender age of 16. Allison got married to golfer Rickie Fowler Stillwater and her full name now is Allison Rebecca Stokke Fowler.

Allison Stokke Pole Vaulter Pictures

Allison Stokke Pole Vaulter Training Videos, Pictures & Social Profiles!
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Allison Stokke Pole Vaulter training Videos

Pole Vaulter Training Videos University of Memphis Pole Vaulters Gymnastics Day 

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Sporting event called pole vaulting

Pole Vault is a very popular track and field sport in which athletes use a long pole made of fiber glass to jump over a bar. This pole is flexible and it bends with the weight of the athlete and then straightens to catapult the athlete over the rope. It is a sporting event that requires great hand eye coordination, agility, and flexibility on the part of the athlete. Pole vaulting is a very popular sporting event that is keenly watched by spectators on the field and on television sets in homes around the world. It has been a part of Olympics and all other major athletics meets, competitions across the world. Along with long jump, high jump, and triple jump, pole vault is one of the 4 popular jumping events in track and field athletic events.

What makes Allison such a famous pole vaulter?

Allison is 31 years old today. But she became popular at the age of 17 when her beautiful images captured by a photographer were posted without permission on a sports blog. The photographer threatened the website owner with legal action and asked him to remove the images from his blog.  However, the photos got circulated on the web through social media and Allison became very famous with millions of followers. Her photos became so popular that big newspapers and magazines like The Washington Post, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and even the BBC posted it. CBS carried out a story on Allison on television saying she had been wrongly sexualized by internet.

Records broken by Allison in pole vault

4.36 m is the maximum height touched by Allison Stokke in her pole vaulting career till date.

She touched this mark in 2012 and also a career high U.S ranking of 21.

The following is a list of Allison Stokke records in her pole vaulting career.

  • Allison cleared a height of 3.81 m in 2004 to win the age 15/16 United States title.
  • Allison is credited with a jump of 3.86 m in 2004 which is a U.S freshman record
  • In 2005 Allison again broke the U.S sophomore record by clearing a height of 4.11 m
  • Allison won the CIF California State meet twice
  • Allison achieved a height of 4.14 m in 2nd year of High School that gave her a 2nd rank in U.S national High School

How tall is Allison Stokke?

Holding the pole vault pole in her hands and wearing a sleeveless top with shorts, Allison appears to be an epitome of beauty and sensuality. She is 170 cm tall with a body weight of 58 kg. She has a stunning physique that makes all eyes on her when taking part in a pole vaulting competition.

Techniques of pole vaulting

Athletes use different pole vault techniques to clear the height of the bar.

The Approach

It is a technique that helps in increasing the speed of the athlete as he or she runs on the runway with the pole in his hands in slightly inclined position.

The plant and take-off

It is a technique which allows the athletes to touch the ground with the pole and then use it as a launch pad to propel their body forward up in the air. The aim of this technique is to make use of the potential energy of the pole to gain as much height as possible.

The swing up

It is a very interesting technique using which the athlete pushes his body up towards the bar. It is synchronized with the recoil of the pole in his hands to get the thrust of the potential energy stored in the pole.

Alternate swing methods

These are used by many athletes to achieve a bigger height in pole vaulting. One of these is double leg drop where the athlete drops his front leg and swings his body using both legs. Another one is ‘tuck and shoot’ where he tucks both his legs close to his chest instead of extending the hind leg.

The Extension

It is a technique that helps the athlete in keeping his hips away from the bar while stretching his legs up in the air.

The Turn

This is a technique in pole vault where the athlete turns his body while keeping his arms and head down in a bid to clear the bar without touching.

The fly-away

This is a technique that appears dramatic to the spectators as the athlete clears the bar and comes down on the mat with his hands up in the air and legs tucked down backwards.

What is a good height for pole vault?

Most of the great pole vaulters have been tall athletes. Tall pole vaulter has a greater reach because of which he or she can strike the pole at a higher angle. One must have a tall and lean body to become a good pole vaulter.

What is the world record for women pole vault?

Yelena Isinbayeva from Russia holds the women pole vault record of 5.05 m.

What is the Olympic record for pole vault?

Thiago Braz da Silva holds men’s record with a height of 6.03m at 2016 Olympics.

Yelena Isinbayeva holds women’s record of 5.05 m in 2008 Olympics.

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