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Top 10 Keto apps for Carb tracking ( Google Android)

Top 10 Keto apps for Carb tracking ( Google Android)

August 18, 2020

Are you a fitness freak? Do you want to follow a Keto diet to lose excess body fat and to improve your overall health and energy levels? Starting on a Keto diet is easy but sticking to it proves challenging for most individuals. To push your body into ketosis where it starts burning fat for fuel is possible by eating low carb and high fat diet. Thankfully, there are available wonderful Keto apps to track your carb intake on a daily basis. Here is a list of top 10 Keto apps to help you achieve your goals when starting on a Keto diet. Also check out FREE Cookbooks Tasty Ketorecipes

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1. Keto Manager

This is a very popular Keto diet app available on Google Play. It is a very simple yet a comprehensive carb manager to make sure you are able to avoid carbohydrates in your diet. Keto Manager also tracks your macros to help you keep a tab on the calorific intake during your weight loss journey.

2. 8fit

This app is a must have for all those starting on a Keto diet as it is a combination of a meal planner and a workout plan. You can easily attain your weight loss and fitness goals with the help of this app. It contains meals plans customized to match your requirements and a fitness guide to tone your muscles whether you use dumbbells, or practice Yoga. This is the best Keto diet app for you if you are interested in a fitness regime to complement the efforts of your diet.

3. Calorie Counter FatSecret

FatSecret is a complete package for anyone starting on a Keto diet. It allows goal setting for different macros and also keeping tab on each one to stay on track. If you are a beginner, you can share the data on this app with a Keto expert to get his feedback. With just a few clicks, you can take a look at your daily or weekly consumption of macros inside the app. The best part of FatSecret is that it is absolutely free to use.

4. Carb Manager

You need help and support from other following a Keto diet to raise your motivation levels. This is what this beautiful Keto diet app called Carb Manager does for you. Yes, you can track your macros and get info about delicious Keto recipes. But it is the interesting community features that make this Keto diet app really useful for beginners. You can get help and emotional support from the community that is vital for any Keto diet.

5. Senza

If there is one app that can be said absolutely Keto centric, it has to be Senza. Like other apps, it allows keeping track of macros and also looks after fitness needs of the individual. But where it is different is that Senza comes to your rescue in real life also like when searching for a restaurant serving low carb dishes.

6. Total Keto Diet

This Keto diet is so simple and so easy to follow that it makes people wonder why they did not try it earlier. This app contains delicious Keto recipes high on fat and miserly on carbs to make it possible to stick to Keto diet. It is a free to use Keto diet app that allows you to track your macros over a period of time with just a few clicks.

7. Keto Diet (And Keto Diet Basic)

These are two Keto diet apps combined into one providing valuable help in managing intake of carbs and proteins. App users also get valuable tips and advice from two expert dieticians in the form of content from their KetoDiet Blog. This app is a treasure house for delicious Keto recipes.

8. Keto App

Making diet goals is easy but attaining them can be a tough nut to crack. Keto App makes it easy for the beginners to create goals and also attain them. Keto app tells you how to reach your goals whether it is weight loss or muscle toning. Water intake is important for any Keto diet and this app tells you how much water to consume on a daily basis.

9. Plate Joy

This Keto diet app is just what the name suggests. It brings innumerable Keto diets to the finger tips of the beginner to make it easy for him to stick to the diet and achieve the goal of pushing his body into Ketosis. Plate Joy suggests recipes based upon your taste preferences and lifestyle.

10. My Fitness Pal – Calorie Counter

This is the last Keto diet app in our list but not the least. With nutritional information about more than 2 million food items, it is easy to understand why this app is so popular among the people. My Fitness Pal is not Keto specific but you can easily find out recipes that are high on fat and low on carbs to stick to your Keto diet goals.

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