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When is Season 4 of On My Block Coming out on Netflix?

When is Season 4 of On My Block Coming out on Netflix?

April 15, 2022

On My Block Season 4 Release Date 2021

Are you a die-hard fan of the teenage comedy series On My Block and waiting impatiently for the start of its 4th season? If yes, then you may have to wait a little bit longer than April. Netflix has pushed back On My Block season 4 release date 2021 because of all the delays and restrictions caused by Covid-19. The projected start date of season 4 is the 7th of June 2021.

Intro about the TV show On My Block Season 4

On My Block is a gripping teenage comedy-drama that has completed three full seasons on Netflix. The story revolves around four teenagers and their friendship as they live in a Los Angeles neighborhood and study in High-School. The gang leader is Monse Finnie, a tomboy girl who is in love with Cesar Diaz. Cesar has been forced into gang life which Monse resents. With romance and drama mixed with witty dialogues, it is not surprising that audiences have lapped up this series on Netflix. If you have found the series funny and lively, it is natural for you to be curious about my block season 4 release date

On My Block Season 4 Cast stars

Monse Finnie (Sierra Capri) is the tomboy leading the gang of 4 teenagers living in a Los Angeles neighborhood. She loves Cesar Diaz (Diego Tinoco), who is being forced into gang life by circumstances. Jamal Turner (Bret Gray) is the nerd of the gang who happens to be an African American. Ruben Ruby Martinez is the fourth member of the gang played by Jason Genao. He is of Mexican descent and plays the conscience of the gang. 

On My Block Seasons 1, 2, 3

Season 1 of On My Block revolved around 4 High School studying teenagers living in an inner-city neighborhood of Los Angeles. The focus remained on Monse and Cesar’s relationship and how to get Cesar out of gang life. In Season 2, Latrelle has shot Olivia, and she is no more. Ruby is traumatized and out of the coma. Cesar is kicked out of the gang for not killing Latrelle. In season 3, all four friends are kidnapped in a van by Santos gang leader Cuchillos. 

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The teenage saga that appeals to all age groups

On My Block may be a teenage comedy-drama, but it is loved by viewers belonging to all age groups. 

On My Block Seasons Critical response

On My Block’s critical response is that it is a charming story depicting characters from minority communities. It comes as a breeze of fresh air in the middle of stale teenage comedy-dramas we have been forced to watch until now. 

On My Block Season Awards and nominations

Apart from very high ratings from the audiences, On My Block won the Choice Breakout TV Show award in Teen Choice Awards 2018. 

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