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Nail Art (Design 10)

December 1, 2019

Hey Girls, I am back with my new nail art design in forest green color. And since the color was oh-so-springy, I thought to add a butterfly too. As what would be a spring without any bright colored flowers and butterflies? 😉

So, this is very simple and quick to do design. All you need to have is your favorite spring related colored nail-paint. I was thinking to do it in yellow color. But, then since I have recently purchased this green nail-paint, and I was not able to stop myself trying it out; so inevitably you gonna get forest bash right on your doorsteps sweeties (Whether you like it or not). 😀

Ok, then apart from this, you would require a base coat and top-coat nail paints, a white nail-art pen or white nail polish with thin brush and nail-stickers. So, start by applying base coat on all nails. Then apply green nail-paint, I applied three coats of it, as it was not opaque enough.

Then, I used these nail-stickers, which are really cheap. (These are not the 3D ones, you can see those 3D ones here in the last pic). I am going through butterfly-obsession phase these days and you can find all things going butterflicious (I made that word ;)) around me. I am having butterflies on my cellphone and PC as wallpapers, on my clothes, hairbands, shoes, wallets etc. and I am buying each and everything which is having any butterfly on the top of that. 🙂

Ok, so now without much ado, let’s move on to next step. So, pick one sticker and apply it on the nail of your ring finger. Initially I wanted to do it upon all nails, but then I thought that it would spoil the whole effect with over-usage of this idea. So, just pasted the sticker on one nail only. Then, I took the nail-art pen in white color and made a boundary around it. With same pen, I put three tiny dots in a kind of swirling motion underneath.

I tried to take its close up pic, but since I am using my cellphone camera which is just 3.2 mega pixel, it didn’t come out nice and clear. 🙁

Let it get dry properly and in the end apply top-coat to make it secure and give it extra shine.

So, you are done now with your new SPRING manicure. How’s it? Did you like it or wanna add something new to it? Leave comments below and let me know your opinion on that. 🙂

P.S. I don’t know why my hands always look full of wrinkles in pics. Believe me they are not half as bad as they look in them. 🙁 Huh… Is there anybody else who has faced the similar problem?

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  • gio

    This is very springy indeed and so lovely! That green is gorgeous!

    • shruti

      Thanks Giorgia, yes even I like this green a lot. 🙂

  • Anamika

    my hand looks the worst in pictures and neither do i have beautiful hands 🙁

    but this sticker idea is very pretty indeed.

    i too have green with me..i will play with yellow and green today..yeyyyeyeye!!!!

    • shruti

      Yes Anamika, stickers are really very easy to use. But, if possible, do buy 3D ones. They are much more unique and look more professional. 🙂

  • kevin

    I like green that’s the coolest one, love them, next time mix yellow & green it would be looking amazing.

    • shruti

      Yes dear, it’s the coolest color, but you know I like hot and fiery colors too… how can you forget my orange and yellow!!! 😉

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