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What I am wearing on my nails today!!! (Nail Art Design 22)

What I am wearing on my nails today!!! (Nail Art Design 22)

March 3, 2020

Hi girls, fall is coming and so is my obsession with darker colored nail paints growing. All across the world, fashion critics, bloggers and enthusiasts are going ga-ga over Berry shades. I am no exception to this. But the problem is that I am not having even a single berry/maroon/burgundy/cherry colored nail paint in my whole vanity. :O Yep, I know major shopping trip is bound to happen. And in the midst of this changing weather, I was lusting for something dark, gorgeous and sexy to wear on my nails. So, I thought may be I should give a try to Black color.
What I am wearing on my nails today!!! (Nail Art Design 22)

Well.. well.. I painted all my nails black… but no, I was not satisfied. Girl in me was shouting to have something more.. some more fun on my nails. Ok, so I gave in. I grabbed this big glittery nail paint which is having these hexagonal shaped big chunky glitters in it which were all that huge rage during last winter. So, I just applied 3 coats of this glittery nail paint on top of two coats of black and one base coat. And here is the result. Yeah.. I know, I am gonna curse like anything while removing it from my nails as we all know what a bitch glittery/shimmery nail paint can proved to be while removing it.

But guys, for now.. I am now super happy, satisfied, glamorized, sexy gal in the town. (Of course the last part exists only in my own mind.) πŸ˜€ I am happy how my nails shine whenever I move my hands around. And about its tutorial, well it was really easy-peasy. Just apply base coat, paint all your nails black and then add glittery nail paint on top of that and lastly just seal all that in with the help of a good top coat.

Hope this was fun. Tell me how did you liked it? I am really digging it a lot these days. Feeling like disco-diva. πŸ˜€ Gosh I need to redo it with other colored nail paints too. May be Hot Pink.. May be Cherry… arghhh.. I need to buy berry colored nail paint soon!!!!

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  • garry

    wow!!!! glamorous!!!!

    • shruti

      @garry: yes dear.. even i m loving it. πŸ™‚

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