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Valentine Nail Art (Design 12)


Since Valentine is coming and love is literally in the air; I had to come back with my new Valentine special nail-art tutorial. Love is all about rosiness of REDS and PINKS, so I decided to use both the colors in this nail-design (I was sooo confused in picking one color out of them, so finally ended up using both of them). 😀

So, you would require to have a white nail paint, transparent nail-paint, one reddish pink nail-paint, nail-art pens in white, pink and golden color. (In case you don’t have nail-art pen, pick nail-paints of these colors along with thin painting brush).

To begin with, just paint all nails with white colored polish. (I didn’t use base coat for this, as white color in itself is very light and can be used as a base-coat).

Then, pick the reddish pink nail-paint and draw random lines like shown in the pic.

Now with the help of nail-art pen in pale pink color, draw oulines of the previous design. Then make tiny little hearts on red area.

Now, make some more hearts in the white area too with the same pen. To make a heart shape without the help of nail-art pen, all you have to do is put two small dots side by side (without leaving any gap in between), then just drag them both to the same point underneath.

Then if you want, you can leave it like this too and just finish it off with top-coat. Especially if you like to have some simple and sober looking design, and yet wanna add some romantic touch, this red-white-pink combo would just be PERFECT for you.

But, as I am neither simple nor sober 😉 and on the contracry love all things to be loud and blingy so I just got carried away with my ROMANTIC spirit. Finally I ended up by taking out the golden nail-art pen too and then oulined each and everything to give it that extra royal touch. (And that suddenly made this design look much more concrete, complex and tough! May be all professionals too insist on doing OTT things). 😉

So, this is how it looks after getting glamorized with Golden color. 🙂 I liked this version more than non glamorized (read playing cards kinda) one. And lastly, just let it get dry completely and seal it with top-coat.

So, this is the final look sweeties. Hope you liked something out of it. 🙂 So, are you now ready to rock your hands with this super-cute valentine special nail art design? Would love to hear your views upon this. 🙂

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  • kevin

    woowww i liked the one with the heart, its awesome. Keep going.

    • shruti

      thnx viny… 🙂


    lovely…serioulsy creativity engulfs u

    • shruti

      hahhahahah… thnx swetie.. 🙂

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