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Mac Dazzleglass ‘Fab Frenzy’ & ‘Get Rich Quick’- Review & Swatches

Mac Dazzleglass ‘Fab Frenzy’ & ‘Get Rich Quick’- Review & Swatches

March 2, 2020

I am a die hard fan of tinted lip balms and don’t use lipsticks or lip glosses much. But if forced to choose between a lip gloss or a lipstick, I will most probably go with the lipstick. Still, when I saw these Mac Dazzglasses, I wanted them to have just for the sake of their beauty and cuteness. Obviously I picked two very natural looking colors, ‘Fab Frenzy’ and ‘Get Rich Quick’.

Mac Dazzleglass ‘Fab Frenzy’ & ‘Get Rich Quick’- Review & Swatches

‘Fab Frenzy’ is a gorgeous baby pink kind of color with little bit of blue undertone. Still it looks more or less a true pink upon my lips and looks really flattering on my skin tone. I usually wear it on top of Biotique Bio Berry lip balm (which is pink plumping balm), and the combo is very natural looking and long lasting.

Mac Dazzleglass Swatches Fab Frenzy and Get Rich Quick

‘Get Rich Quick’ is a nude color with very slight peach undertone. In my opinion it would look better on girls with cool undertone. On me, it looks little bit chalky if worn alone. So, I prefer to wear it with Avon Color trend lipstick in ‘Lip Drill’, (a peach matte lipstick).

Mac Dazzleglass Swatches

There is nothing great to write about these dazzle-glasses in terms of staying power. They usually last around 1-2 hours on my lips. They have creamy satiny finish and are not completely opaque, but still give quite a good color pay off. They are neither dehydrating on lips nor settle down into fine lines, but still I am not crazy about them. I can certainly do without them.

Mac Dazzleglass pink and nude

Ok, I know I am going to walk on a totally different track, but still.. yesterday it was 12.12.12, so what did you guys wish for? I wished something and you know what… I am going to get it by the end of this month. Yeppieeeee… *big grin*.

Well I know whatever I wished for, was really shallow and materialistic.. and nowhere close to big philosophical stuff which people usually wish for on such big planetary positions, but still.. I am happy that I am going to get it pretty soon. 😀

Will share with you guys as soon as I get my hands on it. Have a very happy and festive December/Christmas/New Year.. (Got my hint?? *it was on my Christmas wish list*). 😉

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