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Weekend *small* haul!!!


Hi girls, I hauled few makeup goodies on weekend. Nothing new or great about the haul, but just thought about sharing it with you guys. If you want to see review/swatches of anything particular, please leave a comment below the post. 🙂

Well let’s have a look at ‘the stuff’ which I hauled.

Few girls prefer lip gloss and others prefer lipsticks. Well I fall into neither category. I am basically a lip-balm girl. I have got tons of tinted lip-balms in my stash. But even then urge to buy yet new colored/tinted ones is overpowering. So far I have just one non-tinted lip-balm with me and that I use only at bed time. I love how tinted lip balms moisturize and hydrate the lips and at the same time give flattering and kinda natural color to them. So, this time I bought two lip balms from Maybelline named ‘Mandarin’ and ‘Cranberry Jam’. They both come with SPF16. As you can see Mandarin is coralish pink and Cranberry Jam is rosy pink.

I was dying to try BB creams since the time they have been launched in Indian market. But as you know that I was having acne problems, I stayed away from all cosmetics. But yesterday when I saw this again at Maybelline counter, I just could not stop myself. And just to be fair with my conscience, I asked SA that is it non-comedogenic? Which got me an answer in the shape of *a confused face*. So, I asked her again that “is it good for oily skin and would it cause pimples or not?”

And you can guess what was her reply.. “ohh yes mam, it is perfectly safe for oily skin”.. (as if she would have said no.. lol..). Anyway, I told my hubby that see she is saying it is safe (who by the way was constantly nudging me in my shoulder and saying you have still not got totally clear and perfect skin, so stay away.)

But to cut the long story short.. I went ahead and bought this as it was kinda cheap and I thought that even if it irritates my skin on usage, I will feel less guilty in throwing it away. 😀 So, I bought this in shade Natural 03, which was of my skin tone (as per SA’s suggestion).

Then I saw this cute coral nail paint there and I was like oh-my-gosh-that-is-such-a-lovely-coral-shade!!! Well Kevin just rolled his eyes and asked me “what is it with your obsession with coral color??” I just answered that this is the hottest shade of this season. BTW when I tried it on my nail, he was like “Oh yes, it is so lovely. Come on let’s buy it.”  That made me :D. So, I bought Coral Chic along with Glamour Pink as I was really missing some true HOT PINK color in my vanity.

I bought Maybelline Colossal Kajal too just because I am about to end my existing one. 🙂

Another quite unexciting product which I got was ‘Nivea’s Pearl and Beauty 48 hour Deo’. I am using this deo every now and then. I mean I like its fresh and girly fragrance, plus also the ‘pink’ bottle and the fact that it is not heady and strong, so I can use it even before going to bed. But then neither the 48 hour claim is true, nor the fragrance is anything unique. Plus it leaves a powdery mark if sprayed too closely. But you know some fragrances are just casual, any-time/ on-the-go kinda. I mean that is why I keep buying it again and again as whenever I am in no mood for dressing up, I just grab this and spray on. So, here another point was that it was having 33% extra scheme. So, I just bought it without any further contemplation. 😀

And lastly, I bought these cute Jazz accessories from Pantaloons. Isn’t it so cute and reminds you of Cadburry’s Gems.. 😀 Well, I initially thought that the chain is somewhat larger and I absolutely had no idea about bracelet being attached with it. So, I just bought it thinking to be a longer chain. That is it. But when I actually opened it, I was like oh no.. it is soo kiddish. Hahhahahha.. So, may be I will just wear it on some beach holiday or better yet.. would just gift it to any kid. 😀

So, that was all girls. How was it? Hope you too had nice weekends. 😀

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