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Time to get Icy-Girly-Pinky manicure (Nail Art Design 20)


Hi Girls, I just realized that from past so many days all I am wearing on my nails is blue blue and blue only. I was missing my own girly PINK so much that yesterday I did this nail art. It was also impressed from one other icy stuff, and to know about that just stay tuned. 🙂

Ok, to begin with apply base coat or white nail paint on all your nails. I skipped base coat and applied white polish directly.

Then, you need to have one small sponge for this nail art design. (It does not necessarily requires makeup sponge.. any kinda sponge, whichever is available in your homes/ at your places.. just grab that.) 🙂 So, put small amount of pink nail paint on some plastic or paper sheet and then with the help of sponge, just dab pink color on the two-third part of your nail. make sure to pick very small amount or else you won’t get the icy effect which we are aiming for.

Then, repeat the same process with red nail paint and this time cover just the one third part of your nail.

Now, to complete the icy image, grab some silver shimmery/glittery nail paint and apply it over the previously done design.

Then, let it get dry completely and add transparent top coat to seal the design. And that’s the finished look.

I was confused whether it looks good with Pink ring or the Red ring. So I ended up adding both the pics:D

Now, coming back to my icy inspiration.. 😉 well, it was from Ice Golas (Ice- candies/ barf ka gola). Hahhahahah.. I know I have been acting really weird these past few days. Earlier that center fresh bubblegum and now this ice candy stuff. May be I am just entering into my new obsessive phase!! 😀

Tip: You can wear this manicure for any parties and wedding functions too. Just pick colors of your dress and then to add that extra glam apply golden or silver glitters/shimmers over them. In my opinion it would especially look good for Indian weddings where you can team this up with your Saris or Lehngas. And the bonus point is that you need not to have steady hands to get it right. So, even beginners can try. 😉

P.S. Sorry for the blurry pics. I was just too lazy to go downstairs to pick proper camera and just took them with my cell phone. You know how it usually happens when you are truly motivated. You just don’t give proper attention to minute details. 🙂

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