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FabIndia Avocado Foot cream (Product review)


Hi girls, today I am gonna review a foot cream with which I am having love-hate relationship from so long. 🙂 My all time favorite had been Aroma Magic’s foot cream. But I don’t know why company stopped making that and suddenly it is nowhere available in the market. If I would have been aware about their decision, I would have stocked it up. But sadly, it is no more. 🙁 And that is why I had to buy this other cream and now let’s get to its review part.

Brand: FabIndia

Name: Fabindia Avocado Foot Cream

Quantity: 100 ml.

Price: INR 180/-


Packaging: It comes in a jar, which is not travel friendly as it is too heavy to keep in your handbag for on-the-go applications, plus it makes the application unhygienic as you have to dig into the jar to get the product.

Fragrance: It has very mild fragrance which personally I hate. (But I guess others can still like it as it is mild and kinda lingers on after the application).

What I like about this: 

  • Texture is great to touch like some gel creams.
  • Works great as a hand cream and for elbows and knees.
  • You get loads of quantity for such a small price.
  • Good for summers.

What I didn’t like about this: 

  • I hate its fragrance.
  • Tub type packaging is no fun.
  • Ingredients show that it has parabens.
  • Does nothing for cracked heels.
  • Takes ages to get absorbed in the skin and even after that leaves a sticky feeling behind. (Like when you fear putting your feet in your slippers thinking that it might get transfer there.)
My take on the product: I personally have love-hate relationship with it. In my opinion it works great for hands, elbows and knees (these days I am into all household chores, so it works like a magic on my hands.) But for dry feet, it is simply a NO – NO cream. It does nothing for cracked heels. And personally I hate the sticky feeling it leaves behind on the skin. 
Would I buy it again: No. I am still in search of my holy-grail foot cream. Aroma Magic!!! why did you leave me??? 🙁
Rating: 3/5

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