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Loreal Hydrafresh Creamy Foam (Product Review)

Loreal Hydrafresh Creamy Foam (Product Review)

March 2, 2020

With change in season, I guess most of you would be looking for skin care products suitable for dry skin. I have combination/sensitive skin and I am trying to avoid creams and moisturizers specifically made for dry skin. But still, I wanted to add some product which can at least retain the natural moisture level of my skin. I started using Loreal Hydrafresh range few weeks back. Its deep boosting essence (review here) is an absolute wonder product and I am loving it to bits. Here I am gonna review face wash from the same range.

Loreal Hydrafresh Creamy Foam (Product Review)

Cleansers in this range comes in two variants, one is for normal to oily skin (green one) and another is for normal to dry skin (pink one). I bought pink one meant for dry skinned beauties because I thought it would be better in winters as this one won’t rip off every last shred of oil from my face and at the same time would provide me optimum amount of moisturizer and would not be OTT, as it won’t be as heavy as an actual cream. I mean I will be exposing my skin to cream and oil stuff just for few seconds (while washing my face) and won’t be having it on for the whole day (as in actual face cream). I guess, I made the right decision.

Loreal Hydrafresh Face Wash

This face wash comes in no-fuss simple flip on tube packaging. The consistency of this face wash is creamy, it is actually in form of facial foam and feels really soft while using. I love how it feels on my face and does not dry out my skin. It is neither very oily nor greasy and at the same time does a pretty good job of cleansing any impurities from face. Overall, I am very happy with it.

Loreal Hydrafresh Face Cleanser

Last time, I told you that I have changed my skin care regime as my skin has undergone loads of changes in past one year. It has changed from dry skin to combination/sensitive. Plus I wanted to start using anti-aging products too. I will soon post about my whole skin care routine soon (and I just realized that the previous one was done ages back).

So, to conclude I would say a very good product and if you are also looking for some good face wash for cold dry weather, I would definitely recommend this one to you. 🙂

Brand: Loreal

Name: Loreal Hydrafresh Creamy Foam

Price: INR 249/-

Quantity: 100ml.

Skin Type: Normal to Dry (But suitable for combination skin too, from personal experience)

Rating: 4.5/5


*P.S. All claims/usage etc. are written in Chinese/Korean language on the pack. So, could not give any details regarding ingredients and actual claims. 

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