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Review & Swatches: Elle 18 Nail Pops (Shade 33)

Review & Swatches: Elle 18 Nail Pops (Shade 33)

March 2, 2020

I bought this nail paint in my last nails related mini haul (shown here). I wanted to have a berry shade or as more glamorously called OX BLOOD COLORED nail paint in my vanity really badly. You can see my desperation by reading this post here. I wanted to try some similar nail art on this color. But I was not sure that whether I will like this shade or not as it always reminds me of aunties from my childhood days. 😉

Anyway, let’s come down to swatches and review of this nail paint. It’s a deep maroon color which is not having any shimmer in it. What I really liked is that it gives really glossy jelly kinda shine, which I personally like a lot. When photographed with flash, it looks heavenly. I am loving the way a star is shining upon my nails. 🙂

Review & Swatches: Elle 18 Nail Pops (Shade 33)

Then, applying this nail paint was neither very tough nor very easy, it was just averagely ok. It gives your hands I-just-got-my-manicure-done-from-a-salon look. It definitely brightens up the complexion and makes your skin look fairer and younger. This is kinda shade which somehow always makes a person feel more wanton and bewitching. I guess that explains my reason for having all pics with my hubby’s ties. And luckily he was out of my spell, happily working in his office. Hahahhaha.. 😉

But, let’s face some hard facts now. Quantity as well as quality both suck big time. I know, you are just paying 50 bucks for this, so should not expect much from it. But, it started chipping off from THE VERY NEXT DAY itself. :O Yes.. it’s that bad! Personally I am not at all satisfied from the quantity you get in these small pops. I have just applied two coats on both hands, and already it’s half over. I think I would not be able to use it more than twice again.

Apart from that, it is such a common shade that you can get it in all kinda local/national/international brands easily. I guess I did a better job by trying this color with this tiny bottle (which honestly speaking is really cute and girly, but useless nonetheless). At least I won’t feel guilty in case I never try it again.  But if asked in general, these small nail pops are pathetic in my opinion. I would never suggest anyone to buy these ones. I would rather add 50 bucks more and go for  Maybelline Colorma and Colorbar nail paints.

First day: I was very happy (read feeling sexy and all glammed up).

Second day: I was shocked to see it’s quality (already told you about the chipping part).

Third day: In case if you are wondering.. yes, it did made me think of loudmouthed aunties and not so pleasant memories of school days, so  I was anxiously looking for cotton and remover. 🙁


*P.S. But again it is a stunner in terms of flash photography. I am liking first two pics with flash on and actually thinking about trying it again with chunky glittery nail paint. 😀

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