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Lust List for Christmas Month!

Lust List for Christmas Month!

March 2, 2020

I just realized that I have not done any ‘Lust List’ since ages. I guess the culprit is my ‘wishlist’ bookmark folder that has just stopped me from making proper lists for the items of my fancy and sharing it with you. Huh.. anyway.. I have realized my mistake and as they say.. “Better Late Than Never”, let’s move on to the things which I am drooling over these days. And I am REALLY hoping to get them before the new year comes knocking upon us.

Hope Kevin is reading this and taking notes for my Christmas present.  πŸ˜‰ Well to be honest, it’s his B’day month, so technically I should be checking his wishlist. Ahh.. I know what he wants!!!

An acoustic guitar and a scope or something like that for his Rifle (I hate it when he is into all that shooting mode, he sometimes never even replies me back at those times. πŸ™ I will gift him either one of them, and you already know what option would I pick out of the two. Don’t you? πŸ˜‰ Anyway, let’s just forget all that for now and focus on something more interesting and fun like may be… may be.. may be.. yeahhh.. MY lust list. *cheeky grin*

Cute Clutches/Wallets

Lust List for Christmas Month!

I am on the look out for a cute girly wallet/clutch from soo long. Right now the money/card wallet which I am having in my handbag is from Baggit and somehow I have just developed a very strong dislike for it because of its quite boring and mature design. Daily I spend hours on shopping sites to search my perfect wallet. BTW I just love all of the designs shown in pic above but sadly none of them is available in India. πŸ™ Well, something similar to pink shimmery one on the right side is available here but then that is a proper evening clutch and if forced to put that beauty in the deep dark corners of my handbag, my heart will definitely cry with guilt.

Elizabeth Arden ‘Eight Hour’ Skin Care Range

I have bought soo many skin products in past few weeks and it would surely take a lot of time to finish them up. But, still I heart this whole range a lot and on top of that getting sooo many tempting promotional offers in mails from them on daily basis is not helping either.  The only thing which is stopping me from going ahead and ordering it is the fact that my skin is not really dry and may be it does not actually need some product designed for very dry skin. In case you already don’t know, I have combination/sensitive skin and something as mild as Johnson’s Baby Cream is also sufficient for me. But, still I open their site daily, check this whole range, read reviews about it from ladies all over the world and keep on lusting after this. Nothing strange here.. I am just being Me. πŸ™‚

Freshlook Colored Contact Lenses- Hazel

I thought I was already over these colored lenses after my stint with Amethyst and Gemstone Green colored ones. In fact I was sooo much fed up from them that they actually dried upon me, as I never bothered about changing their solution or cleaning them. So, finally I had to throw them out few months back when I saw they have started looking like dried stones or something. Ewwww… not a nice thought and yess they were looking creepy like actual eye balls! :O But, I am falling in lust with some more colored ones all over again. This time Hazel ones are calling me out and I am planning to buy them whenever I will be visiting my native town. (They can be bought cheaper over there). πŸ˜‰

Scented Candles

With the change of season, I have started loving all kind of scented candles a lot. They add certain charm and romantic vibe to the bedroom. But burning costly scented candles on daily basis is not an option for me. So, what I have done is- I have bought a Ceramic Oil Burner (also called as candle oil burner) and have also got some pure essential oils. This way it is much economic as you just use tea light candles which are really cheap, plus you need to buy an oil burner only for once and it would last you a really LONG time. They come in variety of designs (mine is not really fancy, it is just the basic one- something like this one.) They look super cute sitting on bedside tables and we all are already aware about the advantages of pure essential oils. So, I burn scented candles on special occasions whereas oil burners are staple. But still I love hoarding beautiful prettified scented candles. πŸ™‚

Real Technique Makeup Brushes

Here is a confession.. I run a beauty and makeup related blog but still I don’t have any good quality professional makeup brushes in my vanity. πŸ™ I have local/vega/faces kinda cheap brushes which are nowhere close to these professional brushes. I have been planning to buy these ones or the sigma ones from so long but then shipping charges to India are always pathetic, and I have nooo relative in UK/US. You know being a Punjabi means, I can just demand/expect things from Canada only. πŸ™ So, I just dream about going there myself and shopping them all on my own. Huh.. well the girl surely loves to dream! πŸ˜‰

Nina Ricci L’Elixir Perfume

There is some sort of play thing going between both of us.

Do I love it?- Yes!

Does it love me and call me back?- Yes!

Do we meet quite frequently?- Yes!

But still, we both are soo far apart. I am in LOVE with this fragrance and I have almost bought it like thousands of times. But every time, just at the last moment something happens and I change my mind and buy some other fragrance. There is like a peek-a-boo game going between both of us.

First time when I sniffed it, I was like OH MY GOSH… I want it. But then I sniffed some other Versace fragrance and since my ‘then BF (now hubby)’ was buying me that, I thought why not to go for Versace one. I can buy this apple some other time. I have this fear  of forgetting name of some really beautiful fragrances, and this being an apple, I was sure that I would never forget it.

Next time, I almost ordered it but then at the last moment saw discount on my all time favorite Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue, so ordered that one for the backup stock. Yes, I like hoarding perfumes too. I am pretty much a hoarder in general.

Ok, then another time I chose two body mists from Victoria secret above this. And yes, once some regular TBS perfume. Seriously??? Are you freaking kidding me?? Yeah.. yeah.. I know, sometimes I shop with all my senses gone and a locked up door on brain. πŸ™ But, now I have decided to wait no more and this is what I am going to ask Kevin as my Christmas present. Happy ending!!! πŸ™‚

So, this is my current lust list. What about you? Would love to hear yours too. You can comment down below or post a comment on FB page too. Have a nice weekend ahead everyone! πŸ™‚

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