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Fragrances which I love!

December 1, 2019

Before start raving about my favorite fragrances, I must clear one thing to all of you that I am not highly receptive to olfactory sense. I hate overly feminine and weak fragrances. In fact my threshold to even detect a fragrance around me is quite high in comparison to other normal persons. So in short, I like strong scents and the perfumes which last longer on body/clothes. But, at the same time I am not into masculine fragrances too. I just like nice girly fragrances, but just with a little bit of maturity and sensuality added to it.


So here in this article, I am gonna talk about my top most favorite fragrances. Now guys before moving further I just wanna give you a free tip: don’t go after a nice bottle, its price, or whether others are swearing by its name or not. You need to find your OWN personal fragrance, with which you can easily associate yourself. This was the way I found my own personal favorites. 🙂

Victoria secret’s Pure Seduction body mist

This body mist is totally divine. It is a fragrance which will leave you in a pure seductive bliss. (Oops, sorry for that cheesy statement! But, believe me that describes its uniqueness to the ultimate core). Once you spray Pure Seduction on you, it’s like an orgasmic whoosh of fruity wonderfulness. It’s incredibly hydrating because it also contains aloe, Oats, Grape seed, and vitamins E and C. Those who are wondering that how a body mist is different from a regular perfume let me explain it. Body mists are water based (so they can be used directly on the skin), whereas regular perfumes and most of the deodorants are alcohol based (which should not be put into direct contact with the skin for longer periods of time). The smell of this body spray relates to a sweet smelling candy or fruit (but not in a regular cheap bubblegum sort of way). The scents used within this product are casaba melon, plum, and freesia. The combination of these three smells creates a beauty scent that stays on your body for a long period of time. So, in short this is the best girly, innocent, natural kinda fragrance.

Elizabeth Arden’ Fifth Avenue

Now, this is one classic fragrance which should be in every girl’s vanity for sure. The best words to describe it would be to call it as “Sophistication in a bottle”. This intoxicating, evocative and wonderful perfume is elegant in smell & bottle style, inspired by the New York skyline. The best thing about this perfume is that it lasts really for a long time. I mean you just need to spray it once in the morning, and then for the whole day you will be endowed with this magical aroma. Now often people associate this fragrance with a mature user image but guys, this is definitely holding a romantic touch with a twist. It’s for the ladies that know what they want yet also know how to be a girly girl, no matter what age! So, in my opinion, this is what is called as CLASS PERSONIFIED!

Elizabeth Taylor’s Gardenia

This is my current most favorite perfume (read: I-would-kill-anyone-for-it). Its fragrance is so mesmerizing and heavenly that you feel as if you are in Eden’s garden, Cliché? No way! I am sure you would love it as much as I do. Gardenia is at once rich and soft with top notes of lily of the valley and leafy green accord. The bottle itself is very adorable, and is shaped to look like a thick flower stem. It is indeed a summer heaven with the notes of gardenia and luscious sweet honeysuckle. I like it so much that I can bet on it that the moment you sniff its one spray, you are hooked to it forever. 🙂

Jovan White Musk by Coty

Now first of all, there is nothing unique or special about it. But, even then almost everybody who has sniffed it on me has complimented me. So, in a way this is the perfect casual scent, which is also light on the pocket. The fragrance can be just described as a soft, clean, lightly sweet and feel-good kinda thing. Even if you have other high-end perfumes, it still deserves a try as this one is just perfect for day-to-day wear, like going grocery shopping, going to work, chilling out with friends or just relaxing at home. It smells good, is inexpensive, long-lasting, and versatile. If you just want to wear a fragrance that smells fresh, mature, and feminine (but not too girly) while maintaining a good budget then without any doubt, this product is for you. It’s a beautiful soft musk with white flowers. This one meets the need for both a honeysuckle fragrance and a clean white musk. Longevity is pretty good too, so the verdict line: economic, cheerful, sexy and wearable.

Fa Roll-on deodorant in Exotic Garden

Now, not all of us are perfume suckers. My roomie in hostel days was too a big time fan of roll-on sticks. Well to frankly speaking earlier I was never in favor of roll-on ones, as I felt them to be unhygienic (because we have to use them directly on skin). But last year I sniffed Exotic Garden by Fa on one of the drug store counters, and after that trying to talk myself out of it was a moot point. Finally I picked up one and decided to give it a try. And ever since, by default I am using it on daily basis. Even if I forgot to wear perfume or other body spray, I never get tensed, as I know I would still be smelling fresh and exotic. It has got the blend of fruity notes with rich, sensual mélange of vanilla and musk. Now, I am just praying that may some company soon come up with some perfume with exact the same notes. As tiny little bottles of perfumes are much easier to carry along with you and you can reapply it whenever you want.

So I hope guys, you liked this post. What is your say on your favorite fragrances? Leave me a comment below in case you wanna add anything to that. Would love to hear your picks too. 🙂

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