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Fresh and Heavenly

December 1, 2019

Hi guys, this is a shot of Sonakshi Sinha at Filmfare nominations bash 2011. How wonderful she is looking in white. I am sooo loving her white gown and peachy/coral lip color. And I am so happy for the fact that she paired these two colors together rather than going through the normal (and quite boring) route of opting deep red lips with anything stark white. It’s not that I hate white and red combo, but it’s just that this soft peachy/coral lip-color is giving very fresh, pure and heavenly vision.

And kudos to Sonakshi for supporting a nice curvy and voluptuous figure (I read somewhere that she is 60 kg). Thank God, even in our mad times, there are few sane persons left who are not crazy for having size zero bodies. See how healthy and glowy she looks! Totally P-E-R-F-E-C-T! 🙂

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