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Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in ‘Ombre Nacree’


Hi girls, hope you had a great weekend. Mine was totally rocking, had great fun with my sunflower (have decided to put this blog name for my hubby).. ;), had tons of ice-golas and loved having pink lips after that.. :D, clicked so many random photos with my pink lips and vampire skin that planning to make a slide show of all those alien looking pics. 😉

Well that was pretty random.. 🙂 but now let’s get down to main task of reviewing this Bobbi Brown eye shadow palette which I am digging so much these days because of its wearable colors and extra oomph factor. 😉

Brand: Bobbi Brown

Name: Shimmer wash eye shadow in ‘Ombre Nacree’

Quantity: 15g/0.48 US OZe

Price: approx. $35-$40/ INR 2000-2200/- (don’t remember the exact amount as I bought it during my wedding shopping).


Packaging: Packaging is little different from the regular BB eye shadow palettes (which come in black slim line cases). Since it is a limited edition palette, it comes in square box with total of 9 baked shimmery shades and one small bobbi brown brush. Overall it looks sturdy and is quite travel friendly. But there is no mirror attached, so you need to carry one on your own, if you are planning to take it along for some night out sort of thing.

Shades: This palette has got 9 shimmery shades, all of them are quite wearable and work great as highlighters too. All are baked shadows and they have tiny little shimmers in them which don’t look OTT, there is only one ‘ivory’ shade which is in matte finish and I mostly use that one under the brows. Colors are: copper bronze, khaki, peach, toast, nude, taupe, wheat, cement & ivory. They all have metallic shimmery finish except ivory which is matte.

What I liked about this:

  • Pigmentation is great.
  • All colors are highly wearable.
  • Shimmer is not OTT and I have worn some of these shades to my office too and they worked just fine.
  • All shades are easy to work with and gives nice payoff.
  • Adds an instant GLAM factor to any outfit. 🙂
  • All shades work as great highlighters too.
  • I like the fact that ivory is matte as I can use it to apply under brows where I don’t prefer to have any shimmery effect.
  •  Works equally good for ‘day’ and ‘night’ looks.

What I didn’t like about this:

  • Packaging does not have any mirror included.
  • You need to use primer under this to have really good pay off.
  • Not all but one or two shades are chalky.
  • Price is little expensive. (In my opinion you can get such shimmery shadows in much cheaper too, like in case of Maybelline’s give me gold.)

My take on the product: Personally I don’t like the finish of baked shadows but this is much easier to work with and I really liked its neutral, nude and yet glamorous shades. It is like some dream sort of eye shadow palette for all girls which is a must-have in every pretty’s vanity.

Rating: 4.5/5

So, girls what is your verdict? Did you like its shades, tell me your opinions through comments under this post. 🙂

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