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Maybelline Colorama “Coral Chic” Nail paint (Review & Swatches)


You must have gone through my recent haul post by now. 🙂 And you would be aware that I bought Coral Chic nail paint that day along with other goodies. Well it is sort of swatches plus my views on the nail polish. And sorry for the keyboard background images. I was just too lazy to find suitable background. 😀


Brand: Maybelline

Name: Coral Chic

Quantity: 8 ml.

Price: INR 90/-

Texture: Well, to tell you the truth I didn’t like the texture of this nail paint. It is just way too runny for my taste. On applying one coat, you just get a sheer color on your nails. And to make it proper opaque you need to reapply it may be upto 3-4 times (I pick loads of color while applying, so in my case 3 coats did the job. But if some one is used to taking up small amounts, at least 4 coats are mandatory.)

Single coat application

Color: It is beautiful pinkish coral shade. It kinda looks pinky peachy. Nail polish has got tiny little gold shimmers in it, which look FAB. But then the sad fact is that no matter how nice this shade is, in my opinion it would be suitable for very fair skinned people only. Because this color has this tendency to exaggerate tanned areas on you hands. I have used other orangish, coraly colors in past too and as far as I can remember they all looked nice on me. But in this particular case, I am not REALLY liking my hands with this shade on. And I am not even sure that I would wear this shade again or not. 🙁

See how it is emphasizing blackness around my nails 🙁

What I like about this:

Unique color (would be flattering for really white-kinda-fair girls)

Gold shimmer

Price is reasonable

Dries up really fast

What I did not like about this:



Sheer color

My take on the product: I believe that it is really unique color and loads of people would love it. Even I like its unique shade. But then the product itself is very runny and application is streaky and leaves gaps in between.

Would I buy it again: No, firstly quantity is huge to go for a LONG while, and secondly I am not sure that I would like to make my hands appear tanned (I like my hands looking bright and fair.. I am typical Indian in that regard.. hahhahah).

Rating: 3.5/5

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