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Ponds Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum: Product Review

Ponds Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum: Product Review

March 2, 2020

Hi lovelies, today I am going to review Ponds Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum. But before getting into all the technicalities, let me shout with joy and proclaim it as my The Ultimate Holy Grail Product. It has been almost a month now that I am using this daily and my love for it is getting stronger day by day. 🙂 Well, first thing first.. as you know I was on lookout for new anti aging skin care products to add to my daily skin care regime (post here). I was really curious about whole Ponds Gold radiance range, but sadly there are just 2-3 reviews about this precious youth serum. But I wanted to try this out really BADLY. Then after contemplating for few days, I just went ahead and got it.. and yes that finally made me able to sleep better!!! 😀

Ponds gold radiance youth serum

This serum comes in a see through glass bottle and a dropper to take out the actual product. The packaging gives an impression of using some really high end product. When you are taking some drops with the help of a dropper on your hand daily and seeing gold particles in it while applying on to your face, the whole thing just makes you feel that you are using some secretive youth restoring miracle thing developed in some scientific laboratory. Well, I don’t know about you, but in my mind I always think about ‘SHE‘ whenever I am using this. 🙂 Those of you who have read this book, would know what I mean.

Ponds Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum: Product Review

Anyway coming back to topic in hand.. or should I say PRODUCT in hand.. 😉 well it is definitely impressive on packaging front. And I have read people complaining about its dropper/pump complications and stuff on internet, but I guess anyone who knows how to use a dropper properly, won’t have any hazards on that regard. But, yes I do agree that the quality of material used could have been even more sturdy and high end for the golden cap of dropper. But, then come on guys, it’s just a drug store product. And I am happy that they are giving a good product to us rather than giving a good bottle. 😀

Ponds gold radiance serum

Ok, now the fragrance part.. this is the only thing which I hate and I mean I REALLY HATE IT. It’s just too chemical kind of. I am the kind of person who despite having a sensitive skin still looks for nice pleasant fragrances in skin care products. Well to be honest, it’s not THAT bad and I am sure many of you won’t even mind it or call it offending, but for me personally I would have liked it to smell nicer. But then again, as I said that’s not going to be a big concern for most of you.

Hmm.. well the consistency of this product is gel like with tiny little gold particles (Ponds like to call it REAL gold). And they definitely help to make skin look more radiant. When you apply it on your face, they disappear/merge into the skin really fast. After applying this, for about 1-2 minutes your face might feel sticky, but it’s just a feeling because when you touch it everything is smooth and grease free. Then after 1-2 minutes even that FEELING is gone too. Gold particles are not chunky or into-your-eyes kind of, so you can definitely wear it for day time too. I actually like to use it before going out, as my skin starts looking really smooth, radiant and glowy after applying this. Even my BB cream spreads more easily upon this as well and lasts longer too.

Ponds gold radiance serum with real gold

When I started using this serum, for first two three days my face used to start look oily after 3-4 hours of its application and though it claims to be non-comedogenic, I did get break outs around 2-3 times in the very first week. But, then I didn’t wanted to throw it away, so I just stopped using it on daily basis and started applying it on alternate days. Then, once my skin got used to it, I started using it on daily basis and it was only in the third week that I started using it twice a day. Still, when I am not going out, I use it just once a day and that’s enough. I take two pumps to cover my face and neck. I am using it on my eyes too (though I am not sure whether I should be using it on eye area or not), but since it gives a stretchy feeling and skin around my eyes looks more taut and firm after using this, I apply it upon my eyes too and then use my Aroma Magic gel eye cream on top of that.

Ponds gold radiance anti aging serum

In my opinion, this can last me easily for 3 months, if used twice daily. I am loving the way my skin has started looking glowy, radiant and healthy. For me, it is my makeup primer, moisturizer, serum, night cream all thrown together in one tiny MAGICAL bottle. I can’t comment upon the anti-aging thing though, as I don’t have fine lines or wrinkles yet. I just wanted to start using anti-aging products soon so as to stop early signs of aging, so I guess I would have to wait and see whether it’s actually working in that regard or not. I have been a massive fan of PONDS my whole life and this is yet another product which I am loving to bits and pieces.

So on a parting note, I would just say that I would DEFINITELY recommend this to every girl in her late twenties or early thirties to give it a try. I don’t know whether it would be REALLY useful for women above 35 or 40. I guess at that time, using pure Retinol would be a wiser option.

Brand: Ponds

Name: Precious Youth Serum (Gold Radiance Range)

Quantity: 30 ml.

Price: INR 899/-

Rating: 5/5

I hope this review was helpful to some of you. And if you have any questions or something to add, please comment below or on my FB page here.

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  • haseena

    hi shruti!…hw ar you? can you tell me what BB cream you use?

    • shruti

      Hey Haseena, Happy New Year!! 😀 I use Maybelline one. We don’t have loads of options in Indian market. But I find this one to be sufficient enough to provide me even toned skin, plus I don’t fret about wearing too much makeup for long period of times, as BB creams are considered good for skin. So, even if I am wearing it for 8-10 hours, I don’t mind it. It does not last that long though, but still my face keeps looking healthy and fresh when I use this instead of some other foundation. 🙂

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