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Night Princess (Nail Art Design 17)


Hi Friends, few days back iconic beauty Elizabeth Taylor passed away. She was one of my most favorite Hollywood actresses and I loved her movie CLEOPATRA like anything. For me, she was the only girl in this whole world who could have done justice to the role of that legendary royal queen. So, through this nail art (inspired by her class, beauty, violet eyes and everything else), I just want to give an ode to this alluring princess.

So, to create this nail-art design, start by applying base coat to all nails.

Then take out the blue colored nail paint and do the diagonal french tip . (I had to use blue color instead of violet, as I was not having required stuff in that color and that’s why named this design to be “night princess“).

After that with the help of a white nail-art pen or by using thin painting brush and white nail-paint, draw a thin line adjoining the earlier blue area.

Now, we need to glamorize it to give it more princessly feel (after all Liz was famous for her White Diamonds).

So, to add that razzle-dazzle, take out some colored rhinestones in silver and blue color. And then when the nail-paint is still tacky, apply them against the white line.

Now, secure the design by applying top-coat on all nails. And then since it was a PRINCESSLY design, I went ahead and added a chunky ring to complete the look.

So, that was it girls. Hope you liked it and would think about giving it a try. And now on this ending note, I would again want to wish this charismatic beauty to have rest in peace. We will never forget your magnetic charm our own sweet princess!!!!

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  • Shilpi

    gud job done…

    aftr a long gap… found smthing claassyyy….. thanks shruti ji…

    • admin

      Thanks Shilpi.. 🙂

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