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Love is in the air!

February 11, 2011

Hey girls, since Valentine is just few days away, I am getting super crazy about all things ROMANTIC and SWEET. 😉 Here are the few pics which I googled and found them sooo interesting and beautiful that I decided to share them here with you guys. Hope you would like them. 🙂

We may very well start from the cupids and angels to have GOOD LUCK on this valentine! 😀

And now let’s move on to small cute kids who are sooo cute and adorable with their sweet romantic look. 😉

Talk about romance, and champagne is not far away.

Awwww aren’t these two kittens soooo adorable??? Wow, I am amused to find the emotion and expression of love in animals. WOW!!!

Hahahahahah… *wink* 😉 *wink* Do I really need to say anything???

I don’t know about you guys, but I really really really loved this pic a lot. 🙂

Now is the time to add some romantic HEART shaped sweet fragrant candles.

If you are following my blog regularly, may be you would be having a good idea about my deeply founded love for romantic novels. 🙂 So, how can I leave them behind? Isn’t the pic GORGEOUS? This guy just reminded me of Rhett Butler. Is there anyone who agrees with me??

Now, we can say it with proof that even UNIVERSE favors LOVE! I love The Sun as well as I love to be in LOVE! 😉

You know what… I have been liking such kinda pics ever since I was in my teen age. 🙂 And still, I find them to be very cute and oh-so-deeply-and-madly-in-love types.

Ohhh… just don’t kill me. I was not able to stop myself from posting another fiction related pic. 😉

A romantic dinner at some romantic place with some romantic person… how’s that? 😉 (Yes, I know it sounds cheesy, but then love is all about getting cuddly and doing all nonsense things together like this.) 😛

I don’t know why people always associate just The Moon with Romance, when infact a lot of lovers always prefer to watch sunsets together rather than taking a stroll in moon lit nights. (I know even that sounds tempting, but then again I personally feel the sunsets to be more romantic. And in any case, I am a die hard fan of The Sun.)

Roses and Valentine… Are they another couple??? As I have never found them inseperable and they always look as if they are made for each other. 😉

And now, a WOW moment! Romantic winters!!! (BTW isn’t that house just AMAZING? I love, I lust, I want, I <3 it.)

And now guys, last but not the least. This is my personal favorite for all times, and just don’t ask me why, I have got so many sentiments attached to this pic. *blush* *blush* 😉

So Girls, how did you find this post? Hope you liked it and I am sure you all would be enjoying Valentine week very happily. In case you wanna share some experiences, I am all ears. 🙂

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