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Vogue going crazy after Aishwarya!

December 1, 2019

Hi Guys, Vogue India’s February edition is all about Aishwarya. They have featured some top-most 20 looks of hers. Well, I am not gonna repeat all that, as you all can grab a copy of it and see it yourself. But, I am gonna put some of her looks, which I absolutely lust after, along with some looks which almost killed me with its fugly mistakes. 🙂

First of all, let’s start with wonderful appearances of hers, which rocked the world around with their oh-so-gorgeousness! 🙂

Well, this is a look which stole everyone’s heart with its pure and innocent looking kinda feature. She wore it on red carpet for Cannes Film Festival (I don’t remember the year;)). She is looking so elegant and confident in this look. Many a times we get a very “smug” look on her face (beacuse of her left eye-brow, which is somewhat higher than the right one, BTW she got that during some accident on one of her shoots). But, so far here in this pic, she is looking very cute and lovely.

I think, white suits Aishwarya THE MOST. This pic is On The Runway, when she walked on the ramp for designer Manish Malhotra. The moment I saw this pic for the very first time, I fell in love with it instantly. I sooo love her smoky eye look and the fact that how ROYAL is Aish looking here.

Don’t kill me for bringing yet another pic in white outfit. But, don’t you guys agree that she is looking totally fantabulous in this Anarkali suit? This is also Manish Malhotra creation. Now, if you have noticed, even Kajol wear the same kinda Anarkalis a lot of times, but why the hell her fitting is always bad? Look in this pic how well fitted this silhouette is on her.

This is one of her another appearances at Cannes Film Festival last year. I know a lot of Fashion critics gave it a “thumb down”, but for me, I totally love it. The color is looking wonderful on her (I seriously feel that Grey doesn’t look good on Indian skin and may be she is the only one in film industry who can pull off such kinda dull and depressing color really well). Her hairstyle was made fun of too by fashion experts. But, again I loved it to last of the bits. 🙂

This is another beautiful avatar of hers. I love her use of accessories with this black number and the gown is drool-worthy with that shoulder detail. 😉

This is what she wore on one of the races. I so heart that magnificient head-gear. And, see I told you that grey color looks fabulous on Mrs. Bachchan. 😉 Care to agree?

See how wonderful she is looking in the above pic. She almost remided me of a grown-up (which has grown more beautiful with age) barbie doll. 🙂 This is when she walked the ramp at the launch of one of the collections of Longines watches.

Now, this gown is awesome in color as well as in that eye-catching bust-design. This was done by her on Berlin Film Festival in 2009. I love this color on her (I know the shot is not good), but never the less she is looking absolutely gorgeous.

This dress was also worn by her during 63rd Cannes Film Festival (2010). I love for its breezy look and she is looking sooo fresh and easy-on-eyes here. My only complaint is that I HATE those kinda footwears (I know they are coming back in fashion, but I still love pumps much much more)… sigh… but, even then color and print, both are a comfort to sore eyes.

Another appearance on Cannes, and another instant HIT. I love her hairstyle and this dress. Many a times people keep on rambling about her arms (like she needs to do exercise and stuff), but I honestly feel that she is aging really well, she looks wonderful even in chubbier avatar. BTW this dress is taking our eyes away from her upper-arms, so a super nice choice to wear which is working wonderfully in both ways. 😉

Well you can see that it was worn by her on Pink Panther 2 Premier. And need I to say that she is looking absolutely ravishing in that black number. Apart from the gown, I totally love her accessories and hair-do on this event.

Now, this is not one of the best pics to show here. But, I like her use of acessories (Bold red lips with same colored pumps), and again such kinda dresses always make my heart flutter. <3 🙂

Now, there is nothing special in that pic apart from the fact that she has paired some BASICS in a very nice way. I love her total attire (from head to toe), and again that combo of red lips and pumps just made me sing happy notes. 🙂

I don’t know where did she supported this look, but I am head-over-heels in love with this. It’s sooo girly, fresh, charming, relaxed and FUN at the same time.

Now, apart from the hair-color, I am finding her to be looking totally stunning in this Burberry lace dress. I like all dresses of this length, and Yeppie!!! she is wearing pumps here (though they are open-toe). 😀

She wore this dress in some TV show, and I don’t even know what she is wearing. But whatever I have seen so far in this pic, I am loving it. (You see she has again rocked the grey color). 😉 I am just guessing that may be it’s a Jersey Dress.

Hmmm… so I guess now I am over with all praises. 😉 Let’s get down to some NOT-SO-NICE appearances, which were either BIG fashion blunders or just plain fugly.

Arghh… I hate everything about this look, the sari, color, velvet blouse, color-combo and what not… nothing is working at all. It was a down right ugly thing to see. I don’t know why did she wear it at all?

Now, who does wear such kinda polythene-looking skirts? I have no other word to describe my feelings except- I HATE IT!

Well, don’t get me wrong on this one. Even I liked the creation, but that hair-color and big curls are definitely putting me OFF with this mermaidish appearance.

This one earned a big NO from everyone around the globe because of its resemblance to bedroom-lingerie. 😉 Now, do you know that she even dared to wear it on red-carpet of 61st Cannes Film Festival! :O

OMG, what was that? Super-long coat with super-wide pants??? You can’t do this to us dear. This is simply illegal to kill your viewers by showing up like this. :O

Ohhh.. you spoiled it all!!! How can you wear velvet on fall of the pleats??? I guess I have nothing more to say, I just feel like DYING right now. 🙁

😉 Hope, you liked this post. I tried to bring some good and some bad appearances of one of the most beautiful women on this earth for you guys. Tell me your views how did you find this article to be. And would you like some more posts of such kind, in which Movie Stars’ IN and OUT appearances can be analyzed? Would wait to read your comments on this. 🙂

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