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The Best Lip-Balm/Cream

December 1, 2019

As winters are approaching, also comes the moments of dry, chapped and cracked lips. I know most of us would be trying to treat them either with home-remedies, covering with lip-gloss or by using lip-balms readily available at the drug stores. I also did the same thing year after year, but never got any significant results. And by default the best remedy for me was to apply warm Desi-Ghee on them (as I am Punjabi, we use Desi-Ghee on chapatis. So, it’s indeed very handy for me to get warm Desi-Ghee before every meal). But, that need some effort for all other non-Punjabis.

And by default, a good lip balm or cream is always handy and easy to use for anyone. And the best part is that, we can carry it around in our handbags. Now, there are different lip-balms available in the market. I know a lot of people who use Vaseline or Himalaya lip balm in winters. I also used to do the same thing till 3-4 years back. And then I came across a fantastic lip-balm which is by Avon. It comes in different flavors. I have been using strawberry flavor from as long as I can remember. The reason is, it gives a natural pinky/reddish color to lips (without leaving any stains like other lip-glosses or lipsticks), plus moisturizes the lips without any sticky feeling, its fragrance is awesome, and it comes in a cute little bottle.

And then, almost 2 months back I got Blossom Kochhar’s Strawberry lip care balm, (free with some other product my sis bought.. yeppie.. I am all but a good sucker for any kinda free gifts…lol). I must say that even this balm is also very nice. But, again the problem is that it works just like other Vaseline and Himalaya kinda lip-balms. I mean keeping lips moisturized for a very- very short time and having no color at all. Fragrance is nice, but again it can never be used as a lip-gloss, which I do most of the times with Avon lip-balm.

I know guys would look in for those products which give them no lip-color at all. But, girls believe me Avon lip balm is marvelous. I have been using it from past 3-4 years, and have never felt the need to replace it with any other lip-balm. So from my side, this is definitely a highly recommended product.

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