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Wake Up Guys!

December 1, 2019

While sitting quietly in my bedroom and trying to look answers for unsolvable problems of my life, a thought is just eating my senses out that what’s the reality of life? People come and go, things keep on changing and nobody remembers anything after a certain period of time. Life is very short and in this short time, we need to prove ourselves in front of this whole world. But the ones, who are remembered even after their deaths; are usually the ones who cared for their fellow beings.

Now, just think about your friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, classmates, or any other acquaintances from your childhood. Is there anybody who has done something remarkable in this world? Or more importantly, have YOU contributed your share of existence on this beautiful planet? We all want to be remembered by our future generations, but none of us do anything productive. Some out of fear or shyness don’t take any step and others genuinely lack resources.

Here this reminds me Erich Segal’s ‘The Class’. Amongst all those Harvard educated ones, for me the ultimate hero and the most successful one was Jason Gilbert, the guy who gave his life for a noble cause. He also strengthened my opinion, that we all have that power in ourselves; to make a difference in this vast world.

Ok let’s be honest and accept that there are a lot of us, who waste our energies on playing Farmville on facebook everyday. But infact in real life, we don’t help even a single person around us. Is there any sense or justification in saving any lost sheep or cattle on virtual world when in real life we don’t even think about helping a child or an old aged person.

Everybody knows about all kinds of hangout places, multiplexes, gaming zones, cafeterias, or shopping malls in our cities. But, how many of us really know about even a single old age home or orphanage in our city? It’s high time to wake up guys and move our altruistic behavior from the confines of virtual world to real world. If anyone can make a difference, it’s we. So let’s start the journey and play our part with full adherence.

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